Trying to be on my Kate Moss…Slip dress trend Revival

I always loved lingerie inspired clothes, and slip dress are no exception. I ALWAYS wanted a slip dress they are sexy and everything else in between. For the longest ZARA was selling them before they came out on trend again, but I never bought one until now. Maybe because I never got to shop at ZARA…..anyway I have two dresses. One is white lace (my favorite) the other is black ribbed material. It is also see thru so you can go from day to night in that dress, well both of my dresses you can. Today I wore my black dress with my lace top underneath, different from the typical t-shirt and slip dress outfit. This is the same dress I wore to the Beyonce concert.

Top and dress Express, shoes Old Navy, necklace New York and Company, purse Dooney and Bourke.

You can wear slip dresses with anything! Boots, jackets, kimonos, heels, leggings, fur coats, whatever you feel comfortable with wear it!


70s Vibe

The 70s is definitely one of my favorite decades, a lot of change and things that inspire me went on through those ten years. Women’s rights movement, sexual revolution, civil rights, the music, anti-war protest, hippie bohemian era and last but not least, the fashion.  This season I am really feeling the 70s style clothes and the colors. I really like the florals, stripes, fur vest, bell sleeves, deep reds, plums, mustard yellows, chocolate browns, burnt oranges are just so pretty together. Definitely appropriate for the fall, I have been getting up on the trend. I bought a dress recently from H&M that will give you nostalgia.

Isn’t this perfect?! The color and print make me want to find a time machine and go back to the 70s to live (as if that would ever happen). I can’t wait to put things with it. Some of my other favorite stores like Express, ASOS, Topshop and New York and Company are also following the trend. I will be shopping for the next several weeks haha!

Here are some designers that have been following the trend as well (pics courtesy of Vogue):

(When I figure out the designer for these outfits I will post…unfortunately I forgot who this is) 

Emilio Puccio

Burberry Prossum

Ralph Lauren

Stella Jean (well her collection nwas inspired by the Himalayas but some outfits look a little 70s ish)

I always love looks for decades before because, I love things from the past and sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.  The 20s, 50s, 60s and 70s were definitely my favorite clothing decades. Soooooo it is fashion week…who else is mad that they are not there?! Ugh next year I want to see if I can get tickets because now some events are open to the public! I already put reminders in my phone for 2016 to keep up on when and how to get tickets! I am definitely determined.

Fake Dreads or Gray Hair

Ok so I need a new hairstyle, i either want fake dreads or dye my weave gray. Two hairstyles i have thought about for awhile and never did them, I don’t remember if I told you guys but I always have to switch my look up. Quite frankly I am tired of my regular colored weave and my fro I need something to freshen my look up. Which one do you think I should do first? What is your opinion on how I would look with either style?
Lady Gaga in gray hair

Ciara in fake dreads
You know what else is going to be a problem? Who is going to do my hair?!
Even though I thought about these styles before my trip but after seeing some females rock them it made me fall in love.