Work Week Wardrobe 

Guess who is being an adult and working two jobs? 

I feel real special, I am trying to work as much as I can before I go off to school. Speaking of school I visited Parsons about a week ago. They had open house and I finally seen the dorms, which I found out my dorm is 15 from campus. If I don’t lose weight when I go off then Jesus probably can’t even help me.  Ok back to my two jobs, so my full time I work in an office. Now I can wear some of my clothes I haven’t been wearing and show off my fashion. Yeah I don’t have a life like that where I go somewhere all the time, so I love having a job where I can dress up. Here are all well almost my outfits I wore this week.


New York and Company blouse and pants 

Ross sandals

Icing necklace 

Express dress

New York and company cover up

Blonde shoes

Dooley and Bourke purse

Mom’s necklace

Glasses from Amazon

Old navy top

New York and company pants and cardigan

Nine West shoes

D&B purse

Glasses Amazon

Grandma’s necklace 

Jc Penney top

New York and company pants

Seychelles flats

J.Crew outlet necklace

Coach purse

A variety right? I felt like someone different everyday and I like that about fashion. Remember fashion is never suppose to be dull, have fun with it. 

Oh and guys I went to a Beyonce concert on Sunday… ever get to get a ticket PLEASE DO her performances are amazing. 

Outfi  I wore to concert.

Express dress other accessories listed above


Spring Where Are You?

I am soooooo ready for spring this year it’s ridiculous. For those who don’t live in the northeast we have had sooo much snow this year….now the last past few weeks it was nice and everyone was like “whoo spring is here!!!” NOPE WINTER CAME BACK.

I don’t know why it came back because the snow we are getting today is just going to melt tomorrow…..  First day of spring I am not going to lie I am pissed!!!! I hate the heat of summer but for once in my life I cannot wait until it comes.

 With the fashion this year, I have been so inspired by the bright colored clothing in the stores lately, it makes me excited for spring. This spring/summer I really wanna wear alot of bright colors and pastels as well. I also want to go for like a Frida Kahlo type of look, like embroided flowers, bright colors, billowy sleeves, kind of a peasant type of look.  I also bought alot of hair flowers and flower crowns to wear in my hair.



This skirt I seen at would be perfect…but for all of you ladies who are a size small you are in luck because they definitely do not have a large left….*angry face*

Which actually looks kind of bohemian. I swear that is my go to look for summer, I guess because the clothes are really light-weight so it keeps you cool. I want to be really girly too, my shopping has been consisted of pleated, full, and tulle skirts. The red skirt I wore on my v-day post I ended up getting in lavender for spring. 


Wouldn’t this be cute with a pair of bow heels and a nice blouse?!?!?! Oh and for those who shop at New York amd Company have you seen Eva Mendes collection for this spring?! I swear I love her line, some of her stuff I prefer over ny&co other clothes.


EVA YOU ARE TRULY AMAZING, that first outfit and the dress two pics up are right up my alley!!!

Spring I’m just sitting here waiting for you to come…..please hurry….like soon….XOXO Abryllya