Multi-Print skirt

I am registered for classes! The excitement is real, I couldn’t be happier. I had to take 17 credits which is 9 classes I am getting ready to have no life at school(haha!). I know I signed up fashion drawing, color theory, pattern making, draping, sewing, fashion history, and I forgot what else…… Anyway now I am going to start getting dorm stuff. I am also still trying to find ways to pay for the school (yikes!), which is $66,000 a year. I think it is worth it since it is the top fashion school in the U.S. And third in the world. Definitely proud to say I got into a school like that! Well my boyfriend took me shopping yesterday  to congratulate me, we were going to go out to eat but I don’t really need food. I got a beautiful white dress from Express I am going to wear to my going away party and cruise. 

Shirt Ralph Lauren Denim and Supply , top by target, skirt H&M, shoes Jessica Simpson, Coach purse, glasses eBay I think

Isn’t this skirt neat? I lik pieces that are different it is on sale at H&M for $15. Steal right?!  I didn’t know what to wear with it at first but I just kept it a little simple.


Over the Weekend

  Abryllya McIntyre dog-sitter extraordinaire! I have been watching my cousin’s dog Loc (don’t know why that is his name) and he is such a gentle giant. So sweet he is my buddy, we are going to have fun while he is here. So yesterday when I took pictures I was getting dressed to go to the mall with one of my besties. I got this top from H&M and the skirt for $8 at Old Navy. I recently wore the shirt when I was in NY last weekend. 


Old navy suede pleated skirt and gold loafers H&M stripe turtleneck Coach purse moms denim jacket


This is what it looks like up close, it was $10 regular price! For night time I switched into this black hippie style dress I got on clearance for $18 at Express, it was so comfortable to wear. I went to one of my besties mom’s birthday party which is I thought the dress was perfect for the occasion. I wore it with a turban and black lace up flats.

 It was one of the best weekends I had in awhile, today I ran errands and we went out to eat. I was very laid back today so I basically threw something on. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Rose Romper

Humid day today…I’ve actually been liking the dry heat that we have had. Just heat is ok for me but hot and humid, you really start to sweat. My family and I were in the city waiting on my sister to get out of an appointment so I went for a walk on the riverfront. My neice and cousin came with me to kill some time, it was a nice walk. The riverfront is a nice view, flowers and trees overlooking the Susquehanna river.

Romper h&m

Dooney & Bourke purse

Target sandals

Necklace was my grandma’s : )

MAC ruby woo lipstick

I bought this romper yesterday out of H&M. To me it has like a country floral type of feel to it. That’s what attracted me to it because I like country floral things….I don’t know why. I think gingham print shoes or something what of went well with it to give it more of a pretty, vintage, country feel.

I do love how I have the red bag and lipstick to go with the romper though : ).   The pearl necklace takes the romper to the next level from being casual to dressy.

Green, Yellow, Leopard and Faux Fur

I still love to colorblock, even though it was a big trend a couple years back I still love to do it. Sometimes I like to throw a print in with the colorblocking because I’d rather wear print than plain items…which is a problem I’ve had and had to get out of because you do need basics. So the leopard shoes come into play adding some girliness with the bows and the faux fur adding glamour. Toppes off with my new favorite necklace I’ve been wearing for days.

Express turtleneck
H&M skirt and coat
Paris Hilton heels
J.Crew necklace
Coach bag





Close up on my necklace: ).


I loovvveee embellishments. Something about shiny things makes your outfits stand out better, that is why I bought this skirt. I always believed that if you have that one shiny piece you don’t need alot of jewelry. Too much glitz and glam will make you look like a Christmas tree haha, so I kept my jewelry to a minimum.
Polo chambray shirt
H&M embellished skirt
Old Navy ballet flats
Coach purse
J. Crew factory necklace




Here is a close up of my skirt.

2 Looks One Day

So I wore two different outfits in one day. I had on a bright, colorful, playful dress on and then switch to a black professional looking dress. Reason being supposedly the black looked better on me. The colorful dress is more my style though, even though I like to wear many different styles. Which outfit do you think looks better on me? Also which one did I wear better?
Outfit 1:
H&M floral skater dress
Francesca’s earrings
Target sandals
Kate Spade purse




Outfit 2:

New York &Co zipper shirt dress and wide belt
Target sandals
Kate Spade purse
Icing seashell necklace
MAC morange lipstick






I wanted to add some more jewelry to my first outfit but at the same time I’ve been doing the minimal jewelry look. I know confusing right? Sometimes too much jewelry is too busy and you need to keep it simple.

White Top Snakeskin Skirt

I tell you life is full of surprises…I have been working on my fashion portfolio for school, was trying to help out for a fashion show and got in a bad car accident. The last couple of days my back and shoulders were killing me…you should see the damage done to my car. Luckily it was not my fault haha. Anyway after walking around limping in pain for days I was able to wear heels today. I wore a fairly new shirt that I got from H&M, which I am happy that I brought because I don’t have a lot of solid color shirts nor alot of white. It has tribal detail with a sweetheart neckline (which I love) and a peplum type bottom. Paired with my snakeskin pencil skirt some really old sandals and my tribal necklace. It looks like I am going to a party near a beach or something, great night out outfit or out with the girls type of outfit. A tip to remember…if you did not know…wear flare tops with fitted bottoms. Also these help make you appear smaller and curvier for those who want that look.
Top- H&M
Shoes- i forget
Necklace- forever21
Purse Kate Spade