They say the libra sign is ruled by Venus, so you know we love romantic things. I am a true libra woman, I love anything pretty. We see the beauty in everything and for me that goes for clothes as well. I loved the romantic type clothes that are out and what I have seen on the runway recently(I tried to keep up with Fashion week). Ruffles, lace, soft colors, chiffon, flowers, pleats, and anything that is feminine always catches my eye. Did you see Beyonce’s Formation video? That Alessandra Rich lace ruffle dress and the multi colored Gucci dress she wore was to die for!!! Such beautiful dresses!!!  

Photos courtesy of Google images 

Anyway one of the besties loves to refer to my Express top to “beyonce” because of that video. 
This is top so you can see the detail

Isn’t it pretty?! I regret wearing what I wore with it today…too pretty for leggings and those boots. I could of wore my Betsey Johnson booties because they were a little more formal but, I also did not want to be too dressed up. 

H&M fur Express lace top NY&Co leggings and necklace Jeffrey Campbell boots Coach leopard purse random bracelets

Maybe a pleated or feather skirt? I should of did a skirt but I need different colored stockings. I was so lazy to get some so that was my problem. 

I wanted to make a lace dress for the summer, go get some lace fabric from Mood in NY. I have been sewing and I get a little better each time.



Leopard and Stripes

To all my big chested girls…do you have trouble finding that perfect shirt that fits you and your breast???? Well I HAVE that problem A LOT. It would be nice to find a good fitting shirt for once.

Old Navy striped shirt Forever21 faux fur vest H&M leopard leggings Express pointy bow flats Coach leopard purse Urban Outfitters glasses

I miss wearing heels, I think I am going to make an effort to wear them more (random thought). Leopard is life it goes with everything i swear! I think next time I will wear leopard with something floral??? Good idea huh?


Sunday Afternoon Weather

It’s so beautiful out but it is still chilly. Dear Spring, please hurry the heck up!!!! You keep ducking and dodging us and it’ not fun. You pop up for a few days then leave as if you were visting annoying relatives. The poor flowers that are trying to grow are going to die because you keep letting winter win with the weather. ¬†Whatever though you just better be here for Easter. Sorry I had to let that out….had to rampage about the weather. It flip flops between 30-62 degree weather. Everyday it is different, but on this Sunday afternoon I will enjoy myself and this semi-cold weather.

Express sweatshirt

Forever 21 vest and skirt

Nine West heels

Boscovs scarf as a turban

Icing earrings

Coach bag

Last pic I look confused : )


Green, Yellow, Leopard and Faux Fur

I still love to colorblock, even though it was a big trend a couple years back I still love to do it. Sometimes I like to throw a print in with the colorblocking because I’d rather wear print than plain items…which is a problem I’ve had and had to get out of because you do need basics. So the leopard shoes come into play adding some girliness with the bows and the faux fur adding glamour. Toppes off with my new favorite necklace I’ve been wearing for days.

Express turtleneck
H&M skirt and coat
Paris Hilton heels
J.Crew necklace
Coach bag





Close up on my necklace: ).

Polka Dots and Faux Fur

Happy Sunday!!!!! Hope everyone is having a great day! My outfit was just thrown together, the faux fur vest dresses it up a little. Like always I like to mix and match colors, prints, and textures. I topped my look off with my new statement necklace. Which I love wearing with basic shirts like this one.

Polka Dot chambray-old navy
Faux fur vest-forever21
Pocket leggings-express
Ballet flats-old navy
Statement necklace-j.crew
Leather purse-coach