They say the libra sign is ruled by Venus, so you know we love romantic things. I am a true libra woman, I love anything pretty. We see the beauty in everything and for me that goes for clothes as well. I loved the romantic type clothes that are out and what I have seen on the runway recently(I tried to keep up with Fashion week). Ruffles, lace, soft colors, chiffon, flowers, pleats, and anything that is feminine always catches my eye. Did you see Beyonce’s Formation video? That Alessandra Rich lace ruffle dress and the multi colored Gucci dress she wore was to die for!!! Such beautiful dresses!!!  

Photos courtesy of Google images 

Anyway one of the besties loves to refer to my Express top to “beyonce” because of that video. 
This is top so you can see the detail

Isn’t it pretty?! I regret wearing what I wore with it today…too pretty for leggings and those boots. I could of wore my Betsey Johnson booties because they were a little more formal but, I also did not want to be too dressed up. 

H&M fur Express lace top NY&Co leggings and necklace Jeffrey Campbell boots Coach leopard purse random bracelets

Maybe a pleated or feather skirt? I should of did a skirt but I need different colored stockings. I was so lazy to get some so that was my problem. 

I wanted to make a lace dress for the summer, go get some lace fabric from Mood in NY. I have been sewing and I get a little better each time.



Over the Weekend

  Abryllya McIntyre dog-sitter extraordinaire! I have been watching my cousin’s dog Loc (don’t know why that is his name) and he is such a gentle giant. So sweet he is my buddy, we are going to have fun while he is here. So yesterday when I took pictures I was getting dressed to go to the mall with one of my besties. I got this top from H&M and the skirt for $8 at Old Navy. I recently wore the shirt when I was in NY last weekend. 


Old navy suede pleated skirt and gold loafers H&M stripe turtleneck Coach purse moms denim jacket


This is what it looks like up close, it was $10 regular price! For night time I switched into this black hippie style dress I got on clearance for $18 at Express, it was so comfortable to wear. I went to one of my besties mom’s birthday party which is I thought the dress was perfect for the occasion. I wore it with a turban and black lace up flats.

 It was one of the best weekends I had in awhile, today I ran errands and we went out to eat. I was very laid back today so I basically threw something on. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

DIY Fashion

So you know how I want to be a fashion designer?! Well I made a dress and have a skirt in the making. I made the dress first and the idea came from having an event to go to and have nothing to wear. Didn’t have money to go buy something so, I attempted to make something out of fabric I had bought a couple of years ago. It came out pretty good! But my zipper broke and I still cannot sew in a straight line (go figure) I have a lot of or acting to do. The fit was great and the bodice came out good I just need to practice with darts and buying more materials I need. 
This was the “drafting” pieces, I had changed the top to sweetheart neckline because when I tried on the original bodice it looked a little matronly. The skirt is a circle skirt which I attached to the bodice. Oh I also made my own bodice pattern by taking some wrapping paper and tracing from my cleavage to the top of my breast to my side. It was quite easy but sewing it well that was another story…..

My A-line skirt  in the making 

Another Year Older, Another year Wiser 

Today was an emotional wreck… is my birthday and I was a wreck. Maybe my PMSing is getting to me or maybe I am just tired of what is going on in my life. It had to take to me to get frustrated that nothing was going my way on my birthday, to realize that I need to get my act together. I turned 24 and I am not getting younger but older. It is time that I take more control of my life and choices, I am basically in my mid 20s. Six more years i will be 30….doesn’t sound too close but before you know it I will be 30. Wow!! I’m sitting here thinking about that and amazed how far I have come and how much of an adult I do not feel like. Anyway I am another year older and I do feel wiser, things I went through as 23 year old I would not do or experience again. 

Express scarf and skirt New York and Company shirt and shoes and do not ask why my shirt looks like that (haha) coach purse

I really liked my outfit today, felt age appropriate and trendy at the same time. I had a problem with that skirt though, wish I would of went down a size. Great fit but I definitely had extra room in there, why didn’t I try on the medium?!

I didn’t do much today but…..bitch. I will be brutally honest I did, supposedly there are things planned for me for the weekend. We shall see : ).

Whoops almost fell over : D



Me and my cousin (that took my pictures today) are very close. He was goofing off while taking them, so if I look like I am laughing hysterically….that is why.  My head was hurting in sewing class today, I was so tired of sewing that damn beret. I mean I have been pissed, the book makes instructions ten times harder than needed. I was happy to get home to relax, I went to paint and that made me more frustrated.

New York and Company top and leggings,Express flats, Icing headband and earrings, Forever 21 bracelet, Dooney and Bourke purse




  Closer pic of detail on my shirt.

I love this shirt, the flowy sleeves and embroidery make it so feminine. Very pretty boho shirt, I thought about wearing a skirt but today I just did not care.

New York, New York

I have had so much fun the last past two days!!!!! I tell you New York is definitely a special and wonderful place. All the different people, cultures, lights, history…it is an amazing city. I have been to New York many times before but the last few times coming I really enjoyed my stay. My whole purpose of going there was to visit schools and talk to an advisor to see what classes i should take. The schools I was visitingwas no other than Parsons The New School and Fashion Institute of Technology. Sadly I did not get to go to FIT (long story) but Parsons was great!!!! I cannot wait to apply! So packing for this trip was easy, I stuck to comfortable basic clothes but that can be easily styled. Plus I knew we were going to do alot of walking, I was not trying to wear heels nor something that was not moveable so a t-shirt dress and a maxi dress was perfect. I got a new purse as well from the Coach outlet in Hershey, I love leopard so I had to get this small number. Walking arounf NY all day you would not want a big heavy purse.

 New York and Company outlet T-Shirt dress, J. Crew factory necklace, shoes from Ross and coach purse
First outfit up close

 My family and I got on a ferry to see Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn and Washington (I think) bridge and I think ground zero….I forgot haha. We were suppose to walk the Brooklyn bridge and go to a rooftop bar *sigh*, I have to go with my friends next time to NY.

 Of course Mylove( my neice) makes a funny face.

 Us on the subway

 A nice drink at Dave and Buster’s

 Times Square


I finally got to ride the ferris wheel in the Toys R Us in Times Square. I WAS SUPER HAPPY TO GET THE MY LITTLE PONY GANDOLA ON THE FERRIS WHEEL. You guys just don’t know.. I LOVED my little pony when I was a kid, I use to beg my parents to buy me a toy. Guess where I got a my little pony toy from???? I was 4 years old at the pool and they had a bucket full of toys……. Trust me I am not a thief I just wanted that my little pony toy bad.


Day 2!!!

We are leaving the hotel!!! I really liked this outfit because it has like an “exotic” (i love that word) vibe to it. The wooden beads on the dress, the turban and the leopard purse, gives “life” to an all black dress. Some espadrilles would of been nice but of course that would of been uncomfortable.

Coney Island (took us forever to get to)


No more pics!!!!! *laughing*

On the beach

   Basically my neice and nephew’s first time to the beach. My nephew got to taste salt water, which I swear he wanted to taste. We are suppose to go to Myrtle beach and Atlanta next so, the kids are excited to go to another beach.

Wall art in the subway, I seen alot of beautiful mosaic pictures.