Over the Weekend

  Abryllya McIntyre dog-sitter extraordinaire! I have been watching my cousin’s dog Loc (don’t know why that is his name) and he is such a gentle giant. So sweet he is my buddy, we are going to have fun while he is here. So yesterday when I took pictures I was getting dressed to go to the mall with one of my besties. I got this top from H&M and the skirt for $8 at Old Navy. I recently wore the shirt when I was in NY last weekend. 


Old navy suede pleated skirt and gold loafers H&M stripe turtleneck Coach purse moms denim jacket


This is what it looks like up close, it was $10 regular price! For night time I switched into this black hippie style dress I got on clearance for $18 at Express, it was so comfortable to wear. I went to one of my besties mom’s birthday party which is I thought the dress was perfect for the occasion. I wore it with a turban and black lace up flats.

 It was one of the best weekends I had in awhile, today I ran errands and we went out to eat. I was very laid back today so I basically threw something on. Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Three Looks

Before I go into this post I just want to say how a good day it has been. I woke up to some blessings, went to see my grandfather who is sick with cancer and I went shopping! Oh I also had a cinnamon bun from Cinnabon and a sub from a local spot. It really was a great day for me, being stuck in the house for a few days (car issues) made me go crazy so today was a relief. What really put a smile on my face was, when my grandpop was happy that I got him a giftcard for a local gas station. He said he can get his coffee and lottery tickets now : ), that felt really good that I gave him something that made him happy.

Anyway, I wanted to show what I’ve been wearing here and there. Outfits that didn’t get on my blog but I thought was cute, including the one from today. I don’t know some outfits I’m like “wow that was cute I should of posted that.” So here are the outfits:

Old navy dress forever21 necklace coach purse target shoes

Target shirt forever21 skirt jean jacket turned into a vest icing necklace coach purse random shoes

Forever21 scarf and earrings body central top express skirt bcbg shoes coach purse torrid bangles

The outfit I wore today was cute and simple which I do not mind from time to time. Sometimes you want to dress up but not overdue it and this outfit was perfect for that. Plain dress but with a necklace to bring it out, the teal hues really set off the orange. The middle outfit I was experimenting. I picked the olive toned shirt since my white tee was dirty, but it gives the leopard skirt a jungle type of feel (that’s how I look at it). I wore the coral necklace to add a pop of a vibrant color and the jean jacket was a third piece to the outfit. Sometimes you need a third piece to bring the outfit out. The last oufit was like a sexy simple with the tribal scarf and crop top reminding me of an outfit you would wear on the beach…… It has a tropical vibe a little.

Gabe’s is a Come Up

I will never judge a store again. Let me tell you guys I was never really into cheap stuff. Always believed quality over quantity, you can call me materialistic but I believe into getting expensive things. Now I do have some clothes from forever 21and a couple of other places but not much. Before I continue I want to say I am not coming at anyone who doesnot mind buying cheaper products. That is your decision and your pocket so if that is what you prefer I respect that. Anyway Gabe’s was always a store that I turned my nose up from, but that all changed today. My dad and I went into Gabe’s today, he wanted some new shoes. Well I’m looking around and spot some sparkly shoes….I thought “OH…..who are these made by?!?!?!” I looked at them and surprisingly they were Nine West (but I seen Steve Madden shoes but they didn’t look real……) so I was skeptical about if they real or not. At the same time though I didn’t care because they were so cute, my size, and were on $15. I went right over to my dad smiling he was like “what’s wrong?” Of course I am spoiled and asked if he could buy them and…he did!!!! Gabe’s I swear your a come up.

The top view

Shirt-new york and company


Purse-kate spade

I also love these shoes because they are similar to a pair I seen at ASOS that I wasn’t able to get.


Green, Yellow, Leopard and Faux Fur

I still love to colorblock, even though it was a big trend a couple years back I still love to do it. Sometimes I like to throw a print in with the colorblocking because I’d rather wear print than plain items…which is a problem I’ve had and had to get out of because you do need basics. So the leopard shoes come into play adding some girliness with the bows and the faux fur adding glamour. Toppes off with my new favorite necklace I’ve been wearing for days.

Express turtleneck
H&M skirt and coat
Paris Hilton heels
J.Crew necklace
Coach bag





Close up on my necklace: ).

Church Flow

Target blazer and cami
Express skirt
American Apparel socks
Guess Shoes
Coach Purse
Icing Earrings
Forever21 headband

Went to church like a good girl today to praise the Lord. Haha no I needed to go, I haven’t been there in some weeks so I decided to go today. Last night I was contemplating on what to wear today, and remembered about these American Apparel socks. I have been wanting to wear them and didn’t know what to wear them with. See this is a problem I have because I have alot of clothes to mix and match with, accessories and everything . I have ther nerve to sit there and say “i don’t have anything to go with this” when I actually do. Sometimes it takes me awhile to think of things to put together. Well in the end I was still able to pull something off. My favorite thing about the outfit is the florals and the polka dots….of course I love different prints together.




Here is my last church flow outfit…


White Top Snakeskin Skirt

I tell you life is full of surprises…I have been working on my fashion portfolio for school, was trying to help out for a fashion show and got in a bad car accident. The last couple of days my back and shoulders were killing me…you should see the damage done to my car. Luckily it was not my fault haha. Anyway after walking around limping in pain for days I was able to wear heels today. I wore a fairly new shirt that I got from H&M, which I am happy that I brought because I don’t have a lot of solid color shirts nor alot of white. It has tribal detail with a sweetheart neckline (which I love) and a peplum type bottom. Paired with my snakeskin pencil skirt some really old sandals and my tribal necklace. It looks like I am going to a party near a beach or something, great night out outfit or out with the girls type of outfit. A tip to remember…if you did not know…wear flare tops with fitted bottoms. Also these help make you appear smaller and curvier for those who want that look.
Top- H&M
Shoes- i forget
Necklace- forever21
Purse Kate Spade









Crop Tops and Pencil Skirts

I seen this picture of Beyoncé in Instyle
mag where she has this pretty orange bralet top and green pencil skirt. That picture inspired my outfit for the day. Her whole outfit was nice and I like how bright the colors were, but I really liked her crop top. I love crop tops, I like how they come in different variations like a crop tee or bralet type top. I actually own a couple and of course you seen the one I wore to HBG fashion show. I think they look best with high waisted bottoms. I wore my top with my white bandage skirt from Express and to cover up my arms that I am not fond of, I threw on one of my kimonos.

Top and skirt- express
Shoes-jessica simpson
Purse-dooney and bourke



Kimonos are so easy to wear and you can throw them on top of everything, just like a blazer! I will eventually buy one that goes with everything, like a crochet one. Also on my last picture I had to take a flick next to this wall that was in uptown Harrisburg, I thought it was so neat!!! Have pride!!!!