Comfy Jumpsuit

Spring is approaching so a lot of stores are pushing out winter clothes for the spring ones. Once again I found myself at Old Navy’s clearance rack and found this jumpsuit for $11. I really like it, the fit is good, comfortable and soft. I was actually thinking about putting on a floral scarf for spring since next week the weather will be so nice. I might wait until it is actually spring but, this jumpsuit is kinda thick. It might not be good for spring so I am going to wear it out for the last days of winter.

Old Navy jumpsuit and flats Forever21 scarf Coach purse glasses from eBay (for $6)

For spring I wanted to change my look a little bit. I wanted to wear cornrows for once and then rock a shoulder-length lavender bob (sounds dope right) for a while. Get my nails painted lavendar then sport my violet lipstick with it, I really thought this through. I am use to my long weave and love it but I do want a break from it. 30 inch weave gets in the way of everything.


Over the Weekend

  Abryllya McIntyre dog-sitter extraordinaire! I have been watching my cousin’s dog Loc (don’t know why that is his name) and he is such a gentle giant. So sweet he is my buddy, we are going to have fun while he is here. So yesterday when I took pictures I was getting dressed to go to the mall with one of my besties. I got this top from H&M and the skirt for $8 at Old Navy. I recently wore the shirt when I was in NY last weekend. 


Old navy suede pleated skirt and gold loafers H&M stripe turtleneck Coach purse moms denim jacket


This is what it looks like up close, it was $10 regular price! For night time I switched into this black hippie style dress I got on clearance for $18 at Express, it was so comfortable to wear. I went to one of my besties mom’s birthday party which is I thought the dress was perfect for the occasion. I wore it with a turban and black lace up flats.

 It was one of the best weekends I had in awhile, today I ran errands and we went out to eat. I was very laid back today so I basically threw something on. Hope everyone had a good weekend!

Black, White and Leopard

Such a beautiful Saturday, sun is out, people were out, it wasn’t too cold (which it hasn’t been anyway) and it was just nice. I ran a few errands then went to go hang out with a special someone. It felt good to go out and about on the weekend which I haven’t been able to do in some time. Today I wanted to be comfortable but I want to get out of that “super comfy” look I have been wearing. Which is leggings or sweatpants, with a t-shirt (whether big or fitted) and some type of random shoe.  I have been lazy and really haven’t been dolled up except last weekend. So I un-braided my hair, did some eye makeup and lipstick, and put on these sweatpants that are cute, went to Target to get a shirt and voila! A simply look that screams comfy but not “lazy” looking. I wish I would of had some hot pink pumps to go with it which would of been cute and stood out. 

Target shirt, H&M pants, J.Crew necklace, flats and jacket not sure and purse Dooney and Bourke


Restaurant Week

Hey!!! I am back, you know how a busy lifestyle is. I have been getting myself together for a lot of things and I have been SUPER tired. Right now I am ready to pass out….but I have to get ready for work tomorrow. Last night my friend and I met up with other people in Philadelphia for restaurant week. What restaurant week is I have no clue but, from my understanding I am guessing a whole bunch of restaurants give good discounts for a week so you can eat their food? Hmmmm do you think that sounds good? Anyway we went to Chima which is a Brazilian steakhouse and the food was EXCELLENT. We had three course meal for $35, including different types of meats, horsdervs, and a nice salad bar that had more than salad. My friend that I went with said she went their on a regular day and it was expensive, so if your ever in Philly and would like to go bring plenty of cash!!! After our dinner we went to A karaoke bar and sadly I was not drunk enough to go sing : ).  

 Express shirt ASOS skirt American Apparel socks H&M coat Nine West shoes New York and Company necklace coach purse leotard from ballet

Polka dots with polka dots!!! I had so many compliments on my outfit yesterday! If you can’t see my shirt it is a sheer polka dot crop top.  I wore a leotard underneath because top and skirt are see-through.  

The things females do to be cute….I was soooo cold in this outfit yesterday.

Me and my friend that went.

Goodbye to 2015 

2015 was not such a good year for me…my grandfather passing, a somewhat of a bad relationship, didn’t get accepted to a school, boring summer…the list continues. I do believe 2016 will be better, I have a lot plan including trips, applying to another school and hopefully moving to NYC (so I can start a career or something!).  Anyway I did have good hairstyles and outfits this year! I can tell my style is evolving and definitely being more “put together” than before. I will share my favorites of the year! 


DIY Fashion

So you know how I want to be a fashion designer?! Well I made a dress and have a skirt in the making. I made the dress first and the idea came from having an event to go to and have nothing to wear. Didn’t have money to go buy something so, I attempted to make something out of fabric I had bought a couple of years ago. It came out pretty good! But my zipper broke and I still cannot sew in a straight line (go figure) I have a lot of or acting to do. The fit was great and the bodice came out good I just need to practice with darts and buying more materials I need. 
This was the “drafting” pieces, I had changed the top to sweetheart neckline because when I tried on the original bodice it looked a little matronly. The skirt is a circle skirt which I attached to the bodice. Oh I also made my own bodice pattern by taking some wrapping paper and tracing from my cleavage to the top of my breast to my side. It was quite easy but sewing it well that was another story…..

My A-line skirt  in the making 

2015 Christmas 

We were very fortunate that my little cousin’s mom had a luncheon at her place for Christmas. We cooked, but secretly I wanted something else to eat plus who is going to turn down free food?! To her place we went and we had a merry time. My family, plus her’s and her godfather’s family  was just enough people to have a good gathering.  

 (Me, my niece, my little cousin, my nephew, my mom and my big cousin)

Aren’t family photos the best??! 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Express leopard headband, ny&co shirt, j.crew necklace, random skirt, forever21 faux fur vest, Nine West heels, Dooney and Bourke purse 
I swear I stay doing this pose!