Outfit Idea: Re-Inventing a Look

You know what outfit I am SOOOOOO TIRED OF SEEING IT MAKES ME SICK?! The whole quilted vest with the plaid shirt and the jeans paired with the knee high boots.  NO MORE! I have seen that outfit so much on my pinterest and other blogs that I want to band that outfit. It is like that is everyone’s favorite thing to wear once it starts to get cold. I like the outfit personally but, to me there’s no individualism when it comes to it because everyone wears it the same way! That also goes for a lot of outfits out here like that but on this post today I am going to show ways to make the look different, courtesy  of my polyvore account: ).

Dress it up!!!


Change the outfit from casual to dressy! Add brooches for some sophistication.

Wear a plaid dress instead of a shirt 

Still like the plaid look? Exchange the shirt for a dress and instead of regular riding boots, use lace up boots for a more sexy look. 
Mix Prints  
Mix it up with different prints! Makes the outfits more interesting. Add velvet flats and a colorful scarf for extra detail. 

There is many ways to style an outfit or an item. Remember being different makes you stand out and people will notice your fashion more


Outfit Idea: Baseball Tee

Baseball tees seem like they might be a bit of a trend for the spring season. Recently I bought a colorful beaded one from the J.Crew outlet which I cannot wait to wear. I thought about future outfits I would wear with it and I’m not talking about jean shorts either. Today on my post I have a different way of wearing the baseball tee…instead of a casual look I am going to dress it up!

Pair a baseball tee with….

Ikat print pants

Some sandals

And a beach tote for that colorful summer look!!!

Don’t be surprised if you see me with an outfit similar to this on my blog because I thought of this for myself haha!!! Here is another alternative to wear it.

For a girly look why not try a full skirt

Or pair it with some fringe sandals for a sexy look!

Either way wear your baseball tee well!!!

Style Inspiration: Layered Look Idea

Recently I read somewhere where Jenna Lyons (creative director of J.Crew) was talking about layering clothes. She insisted on layering jackets and (I think) jackets and vests which gives your outfits a nice look. Me personally I love layering but, I don’t do it all the time because of my body type. I feel as though I have to watch what pieces I layer together because I can look ten times bigger than what I am…..which I don’t need. So for my outfit instead of just wearing a striped dress with bright colored stockings, I added flare with what I like to call my structured jacket and faux fur vest.

Forever21 dress and vest
Express jacket
Old Navy stockings
Guess shoes
Dooney and Bourke purse
Mac candy yum-yum lipstick
J.Crew factory necklace





Here is a picture of Jenna Lyons and June Ambrose with layered outfit:



Outfit Ideas: 90s Look


So I was on Asos website and i seen this really cute pom pom headband that I knew was just right for me. It is cute and odd which I like and instantly I thought of an outfit I seen on instagram that it would go with.

Yaris Sanchez isn’t a style icon but I do think some of her outfits are cute. This outfit to me has a 90s feel and thought it went right with the headband. I don’t know but I feel like I would of seen an outfit like this in Clueless or some other 90s movie. Here are some items that I think would look cute with this accessory and inspired by Yaris Sanchez.
White crop top from Topshop

MSMG skirt

Jeffrey Campbell Freema shoe

I couldn’t find a pink fuzzy purse picture to go with this outfit because I thought that would of completed the outfit. Other than that I really want thay headband.

Outfit Ideas: Goth Chic

Lately i have been inspired by bowler hats and sunglasses, I think I seen Beyoncé wear these to together. Yesterday I was driving and this outfit came randomly to my head. I don’t remember what I was thinking about for it to pop in my head but it did. It reminds me of gothic style mixed with a little bit of 90s fashion. I even know what hair and make-up I would wear with it(the look from two post ago including hair but with dark roots). Here is the outfit:







(Would want purse in black)<!

The velvet dress comes from American Apparel, the shoes are Ivanka Trump via heels.com, the choker is from avalaya.com, and the other items are just pictures which of course you can find them on a website. Before the warm weather hits I would like to be different for a little bit and dress on the “dark side”, as I like to call it.

How to wear a Kimono Jacket

I love Asian culture and I love kimonos. They are so pretty and elegant and flowy and the floral print is gorgeous. I’m happy they incorporated them in fashion because we can wear them!!! I got one from forever21 yesterday and I love it! A few stores I found kimonos at were asos, zara and of course forever21. I know there are more places but those are just a few. I have many outfit ideas and I am going to share them with you just in case you want to wear one.
Here is my kimono I bought(well someone bought it for me).
Here is a leather bralette top from Express, crochet shorts from Express, floral garland I made, and earrings from forever21.20140104-122400.jpg

and my Jeffrey Campbells to go with that outfit. The Bohemian looks really nice with kimonos but if you don’t like the hippie style you can wear like a mini dress and some heels or wedges.20140104-122416.jpg

Mini Dress from Forever21


Jessica Simpson wedges

Or you can  wear a lingerie style dress, here is one from Zara.


You can even wear a lace dress, high-waist shorts, or jeans. Shoe wise you can do jeweled sandals or regular sandals, boots, heels or whatever you think will fit. Wear a statement necklace to bring it out more, especially if it has colors of the kimono. The only thing I think you should not do when wearing one is something that looks too busy, the main focus should be on the kimono.


Oh and jumpsuits look nice as well! Pair the outfit with some point-toe heels and dangling chandelier earrings and a cuff bracelet.

Here is a picture I got off a website of celebs wearing a kimono jacket.


Another one of a girl wearing one on chitopia.com


Oh and they are wearable in all seasons, wear darker ones for fall/winter lighter ones for spring/summer. There is a black one I would like to buy for now until it gets warm.

Outfit Ideas:Leopard Jumpsuit

I have been looking for the perfect jumpsuit for the longest. One that fit well and appealed to me. I stumbled upon this little number one day when I shouldn’t of been at the mall. I was in Forever21 and when my eyes laid on it I gasped. It looks so nice and I was surprised it fit. (Forever21 clothes are not really curvy girl friendly I have pieces from there but thats because they stretch) I cannot wait to wear it but first I have to get the other parts for the outfit.

Forever21 Leopard Jumpsuit and necklace


Express clutch
This outfit reminds me of a jumpsuit that June Ambrose had. I like how she wore a turban with hers.