Lace-up Flats

I was soooo patiently waiting to find a pair of lace-up flats for this fall. As soon as I seen a pair when they brought out fall trends I fell in love. Topshop has many different pairs and I really wanted the red and leopard. Well I never got them….but yesterday in Old Navy look at what I found in shoe hell ( I call it that because the shoe section at my Old Navy looks like hell).

New York and Company button-up shirt H &M flounce skirt American Apparel stockings Old Navy lace-up flats Coach bag and beanie Claire’s pin 

 I like the colors I put together today, the electric blue and mustard yellow really pairs well. The flats give the look a baby doll feel which is cute.



Fringe Drama

Drama baby bring the drama!!! This vest was life when I bought it yesterday from H&M FOR $10!!!!!!! Can you believe that? It was originally $34.99 and now it is on clearance. I have been finding a lot of good deals lately, $10 velvet skirt from Forever21, patchwork faux fur coat from Tiger Mist, got a discount on a dress and sweater from Express. Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive, you go on a sale day or have coupons you won’t spend so much.  I love the movement of the fringe and how it brings “drama” to an outfit. It is definitely a showstopper, I had compliments on it today.

H&M fringe vest and glasses New York and Company outlet shirt dress New York and Company floppy hat and sandals Coach crocodile embossed purse Icing necklace MAC Cyber lipstick

In Pennsylvania we have been getting really good fall weather like between 50-67 degrees. I love that you can wear anything type of weather.  Since I need to up my shoe collection, I had to wear what I have which was these sandals.  Oh and I had a big slap in my face in my life recently which was my grandfather passing. He went after my birthday like so many days after. In remembrance I am going to put up a picture that we took not too long ago I miss him so much. 

That’s my sister on the right

RIP Marvin Harris 

Another Year Older, Another year Wiser 

Today was an emotional wreck… is my birthday and I was a wreck. Maybe my PMSing is getting to me or maybe I am just tired of what is going on in my life. It had to take to me to get frustrated that nothing was going my way on my birthday, to realize that I need to get my act together. I turned 24 and I am not getting younger but older. It is time that I take more control of my life and choices, I am basically in my mid 20s. Six more years i will be 30….doesn’t sound too close but before you know it I will be 30. Wow!! I’m sitting here thinking about that and amazed how far I have come and how much of an adult I do not feel like. Anyway I am another year older and I do feel wiser, things I went through as 23 year old I would not do or experience again. 

Express scarf and skirt New York and Company shirt and shoes and do not ask why my shirt looks like that (haha) coach purse

I really liked my outfit today, felt age appropriate and trendy at the same time. I had a problem with that skirt though, wish I would of went down a size. Great fit but I definitely had extra room in there, why didn’t I try on the medium?!

I didn’t do much today but…..bitch. I will be brutally honest I did, supposedly there are things planned for me for the weekend. We shall see : ).

Whoops almost fell over : D



Me and my cousin (that took my pictures today) are very close. He was goofing off while taking them, so if I look like I am laughing hysterically….that is why.  My head was hurting in sewing class today, I was so tired of sewing that damn beret. I mean I have been pissed, the book makes instructions ten times harder than needed. I was happy to get home to relax, I went to paint and that made me more frustrated.

New York and Company top and leggings,Express flats, Icing headband and earrings, Forever 21 bracelet, Dooney and Bourke purse




  Closer pic of detail on my shirt.

I love this shirt, the flowy sleeves and embroidery make it so feminine. Very pretty boho shirt, I thought about wearing a skirt but today I just did not care.

Outfit Idea: Re-Inventing a Look

You know what outfit I am SOOOOOO TIRED OF SEEING IT MAKES ME SICK?! The whole quilted vest with the plaid shirt and the jeans paired with the knee high boots.  NO MORE! I have seen that outfit so much on my pinterest and other blogs that I want to band that outfit. It is like that is everyone’s favorite thing to wear once it starts to get cold. I like the outfit personally but, to me there’s no individualism when it comes to it because everyone wears it the same way! That also goes for a lot of outfits out here like that but on this post today I am going to show ways to make the look different, courtesy  of my polyvore account: ).

Dress it up!!!


Change the outfit from casual to dressy! Add brooches for some sophistication.

Wear a plaid dress instead of a shirt 

Still like the plaid look? Exchange the shirt for a dress and instead of regular riding boots, use lace up boots for a more sexy look. 
Mix Prints  
Mix it up with different prints! Makes the outfits more interesting. Add velvet flats and a colorful scarf for extra detail. 

There is many ways to style an outfit or an item. Remember being different makes you stand out and people will notice your fashion more

Hair with your Ensembles 

I am really enjoying the new hair color, appropiate for the season since it is not as bright has my previous hair. It goes with a lot in my closet so that is a good thing. Did you ever realize when you dye your hair, you want to make sure it matches a lot of your clothes so you look right when you get dressed? When you get dressed your hair has to be on point as well, because your hair or makeup or whatever can ruin your look. Personally that is how i feel, got to have the right hair/hairstyle for the right outfit. So the outfit I have on I went casual kind of grunge-ish I guess. Either way my hair went well, the colors of the ensemble and the style of the outfit.

Plaid shirt Guess, T-shirt dress New York & Co, sneakers Target, purse Coach, necklace from friend

This is the last time I am wearing this dress it is getting too short, but it is very comfortable. If any of you live near a NY&Co outlet this dress is $9, I don’t know if it is cheaper now but that is the price I bought it at (super steal).

Oh and today is the first day of fall. I was at Starbucks and I told the girl I liked their plaid flannel shirts. She said they had to wear them since it is the start of Autumn. I actually took the idea and put it with my outfit.

I straighten my hair yesterday and I couldn’t believe how long it got! Now you can’t tell because my hair puffed up something terrible.

70s Vibe

The 70s is definitely one of my favorite decades, a lot of change and things that inspire me went on through those ten years. Women’s rights movement, sexual revolution, civil rights, the music, anti-war protest, hippie bohemian era and last but not least, the fashion.  This season I am really feeling the 70s style clothes and the colors. I really like the florals, stripes, fur vest, bell sleeves, deep reds, plums, mustard yellows, chocolate browns, burnt oranges are just so pretty together. Definitely appropriate for the fall, I have been getting up on the trend. I bought a dress recently from H&M that will give you nostalgia.

Isn’t this perfect?! The color and print make me want to find a time machine and go back to the 70s to live (as if that would ever happen). I can’t wait to put things with it. Some of my other favorite stores like Express, ASOS, Topshop and New York and Company are also following the trend. I will be shopping for the next several weeks haha!

Here are some designers that have been following the trend as well (pics courtesy of Vogue):

(When I figure out the designer for these outfits I will post…unfortunately I forgot who this is) 

Emilio Puccio

Burberry Prossum

Ralph Lauren

Stella Jean (well her collection nwas inspired by the Himalayas but some outfits look a little 70s ish)

I always love looks for decades before because, I love things from the past and sometimes I think I was born in the wrong era.  The 20s, 50s, 60s and 70s were definitely my favorite clothing decades. Soooooo it is fashion week…who else is mad that they are not there?! Ugh next year I want to see if I can get tickets because now some events are open to the public! I already put reminders in my phone for 2016 to keep up on when and how to get tickets! I am definitely determined.