Beauty Review: NYX Cosmetics

Hey everyone!!! I took a little break from my blog but now I am back! Today I am going to go over three products I bought recently and what I think of them. They are all NYX cosmetics (I have been doing the whole cheaper makeup thing until I can buy some other stuff but NYX is a good brand) which they are a liquid to matte lipstick, color corrector and a mascara.

So first off I want to go over the Lip Lingerie which is a liquid to matte lipstick. Loving the different nudes and colors they came out with this line. Currently I have lace detail which is a pretty light nude. It does what it is suppose to do and the color really shows up. Of course with matte lipstick it gets really drying but it works. Highly recommend! It has been a “dupe” for the Kylie Jenner lip kit


Okay next I got the NYX under eye-corrector. Compared to my Bobbi Brown that I usually use I am not too fond of this corrector. It kind of looks I guess you can say chalky once you put it on. My Bobbi Brown can on very smooth and settled right and the color matched my skin (makeup artist friend recommended to use by itself since it match my skin exactly it was the dark peach shade). The NYX looks like a peachy color but comes out a lot lighter once I apply it on, I have to use my powder foundation to make it look more of my skin tone. 

Don’t really care for it so I give it a thumbs down.

Next is the NYX colored mascara! I always wanted to try colored mascara and NYX has a pastel colored line which I bought a pink. There was also had a mint green (could of been blue I forget), a lavender and a cream sickle orange. Next time I think I will buy the lavender and the mint green, Ulta I will be seeing you in a few weeks :).  I do love how the color shows VERY WELL! This was also a winner for me, cons for it though it is hard to remove. 

I did not add to much on because for the same reason that I just mentioned. Here is when I wore it a few weeks ago:

Wish I would of put some eyeliner on that day I kind of looked scary!!! I do love that mascara without a doubt. 

Hope these reviews helped anyone that might be looking for some new makeup!!!!




Summer Beauty Favorites

Though it is hot and humid outside I do like to keep myself pretty. I can say I don’t wear too much make-up in the summer because, I feel as though foundation and whatever else is too “heavy” to wear. Most if the time I keep it simple; do my eyebrows(sometimes), eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss. Maybe eyeshadow too and I also put corrector under my eyes. Here is my favorite make-up products for summer:

OPI A good mandarin is hard to find I love orange, I wasn’t too crazy about it at first but the color reminds me of flowers and fruits that you see during the season 

Maybelline great lash mascara you don’t have to spend alot of money on great mascara 

Nyx Illuminator for glowing skin, blends really well

Bobbi Brown corrector in deep peach (im actually a dark peach) but does the job VERY WELL
Now to my body and hair favorites!!!! 

Eden coconut curl defining creme for naturals…THIS WORKS it is best to wash your hair then use it my hair definitely stays curly!!!! It is a moisturizer too

Bath & Body Works Japanese cherry blossom lotion and body shimmer, for days I want to smell good and get a nice shimmery glow…i don’t think they sell this anymore

Shower to Shower powder Absorbs sweat and smells so pretty

These are my go to products for the summer! They work so well too, I would recommend them to people.

Beauty Wishlist

Too Faced melted lipstick in Violet I love violet colors, the vibrant purple is perfect (and sexy) for the summer. Sephora here I come!! 

Fake Dreads or Gray Hair

Ok so I need a new hairstyle, i either want fake dreads or dye my weave gray. Two hairstyles i have thought about for awhile and never did them, I don’t remember if I told you guys but I always have to switch my look up. Quite frankly I am tired of my regular colored weave and my fro I need something to freshen my look up. Which one do you think I should do first? What is your opinion on how I would look with either style?
Lady Gaga in gray hair

Ciara in fake dreads
You know what else is going to be a problem? Who is going to do my hair?!
Even though I thought about these styles before my trip but after seeing some females rock them it made me fall in love.

Yellow my go to Color

I think yellow is going to be my color for the season. It is so bright and it reminds me of everything that has to do with spring/summer, like fruit, the sun, flowers and many other things. It is one of my favorite colors as well and I wished i had more of it in my closet. I was excited to hear that OPI came out with a Brazil collection and it has this pretty bright yellow nail polish which currently I have been wearing.

Please do not mind my chipped nail polish (laugh), I also have this statement ring on that I absolutely love!!! I recently got it from jcpenney. I was happy to buy this since I do not have a lot of rings and it is in your face type of ring.





Yellow trench-new york and company
Yellow button up-jcpenney
Ruffled front skirt-new york and company
Purse-kate spade
I also have been feeling very tribally if that is a word…the necklace I got reminds me of that and the blues and teals of the necklace really compliments the yellow. Another thing please do not mind my shirt it’s the type of material that wrinkles easily let me tell you I have been battling this shirt all day. Oh and you know how this season the orange lip is in??? I have morange on by MAC which I actually wore last summer when my friend did my makeup.;

20140402-162442.jpg I put it with a cat-eye and made my make-up minimal as possible since the color is so “loud”. Orange this summer is going to be my to go lip color.>

My outfit and makeup matches!

So I wanted to spice up my eyes today with makeup. I was inspired by a look my friend did on me before.



I liked the colors but I wanted to switch them up a little bit. By accident the colors ended up matching my outfit for today.

Shirt express, sequin leggings victoria secret pink, bag dooney and bourke, white mountain military boots, forever21 earrings, body central bracelets
Eye makeup- liner mary kay, glitter hobby lobby, too faced eyeshadow







Happy it is warming up! I was able to take pictures without freezing my butt off! Also my hair is growing! Sooner or later I will start keeping progress of my hair.

Pastel Lipstick

Last summer my make-up artist friend did my make-up and one of the looks she used lilac colored lipstick. I will admit I was scared on how it would make me look…I hate to say this but I thought I would of looked like one of those stereotypical pics of black people from back in the day. Surprisingly it looked nice in me.

The lipstick was MAC Viva Glam Nikki 2. I wanted to buy this lipstick but everytime I try to it’s sold out. So I founded another lilac lipstick from Lime Crime called D’Lilac.


Lilac isn’t the only color I would like to wear, Lime Crime Oh No she Didn’t and Keyshia Kaoir Pool Party are blues that I am looking forward to wearing. Plus blue is my favorite color!!!



Be bold and wear shades of lipstick that people don’t normally wear!

Kat Von D Liquid Liner



I was in Sephora yesterday buying some Carol’s Daughter products for my hair. It came to me that I needed a new liquid liner, the one I have now is T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E!!!!!! It rubs off and looks transparent so I knew I had to buy a new one. I asked one of the workers there who has the best liquid eyeliner and she was super excited to tell me about Kat Von D’s. For those who do not know who she is I think she was a tattoo artist on LA Ink. The girl ran the liner on her hand to show me how it looks when applied and I fell in love!!!! This is worth $18, if ever in Sephora buy this liner! Oh but if you know someone who sells Mary Kay there liner works very well also.

20131210-143130.jpgbr />
<a href=”http://<”&gt;20131210-143130.jpg


I also have on:
-MAC lipstick in candy yum-yum, blush in dolly mix
-Too Faced eyeshadow in marshmallow, honeymoon, and I forget the other two colors and highlighter
-Estee Lauder foundation in rich caramel
Katy Perry Oh My! Eyelashes

Forever21 dress, Express metallic sweater, American Apparel socks, Steve Madden heels, Icing bow and necklace Claires glasses