Comfy Jumpsuit

Spring is approaching so a lot of stores are pushing out winter clothes for the spring ones. Once again I found myself at Old Navy’s clearance rack and found this jumpsuit for $11. I really like it, the fit is good, comfortable and soft. I was actually thinking about putting on a floral scarf for spring since next week the weather will be so nice. I might wait until it is actually spring but, this jumpsuit is kinda thick. It might not be good for spring so I am going to wear it out for the last days of winter.

Old Navy jumpsuit and flats Forever21 scarf Coach purse glasses from eBay (for $6)

For spring I wanted to change my look a little bit. I wanted to wear cornrows for once and then rock a shoulder-length lavender bob (sounds dope right) for a while. Get my nails painted lavendar then sport my violet lipstick with it, I really thought this through. I am use to my long weave and love it but I do want a break from it. 30 inch weave gets in the way of everything.


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