Black, White and Leopard

Such a beautiful Saturday, sun is out, people were out, it wasn’t too cold (which it hasn’t been anyway) and it was just nice. I ran a few errands then went to go hang out with a special someone. It felt good to go out and about on the weekend which I haven’t been able to do in some time. Today I wanted to be comfortable but I want to get out of that “super comfy” look I have been wearing. Which is leggings or sweatpants, with a t-shirt (whether big or fitted) and some type of random shoe.  I have been lazy and really haven’t been dolled up except last weekend. So I un-braided my hair, did some eye makeup and lipstick, and put on these sweatpants that are cute, went to Target to get a shirt and voila! A simply look that screams comfy but not “lazy” looking. I wish I would of had some hot pink pumps to go with it which would of been cute and stood out. 

Target shirt, H&M pants, J.Crew necklace, flats and jacket not sure and purse Dooney and Bourke



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