Restaurant Week

Hey!!! I am back, you know how a busy lifestyle is. I have been getting myself together for a lot of things and I have been SUPER tired. Right now I am ready to pass out….but I have to get ready for work tomorrow. Last night my friend and I met up with other people in Philadelphia for restaurant week. What restaurant week is I have no clue but, from my understanding I am guessing a whole bunch of restaurants give good discounts for a week so you can eat their food? Hmmmm do you think that sounds good? Anyway we went to Chima which is a Brazilian steakhouse and the food was EXCELLENT. We had three course meal for $35, including different types of meats, horsdervs, and a nice salad bar that had more than salad. My friend that I went with said she went their on a regular day and it was expensive, so if your ever in Philly and would like to go bring plenty of cash!!! After our dinner we went to A karaoke bar and sadly I was not drunk enough to go sing : ).  

 Express shirt ASOS skirt American Apparel socks H&M coat Nine West shoes New York and Company necklace coach purse leotard from ballet

Polka dots with polka dots!!! I had so many compliments on my outfit yesterday! If you can’t see my shirt it is a sheer polka dot crop top.  I wore a leotard underneath because top and skirt are see-through.  

The things females do to be cute….I was soooo cold in this outfit yesterday.

Me and my friend that went.


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