DIY Fashion

So you know how I want to be a fashion designer?! Well I made a dress and have a skirt in the making. I made the dress first and the idea came from having an event to go to and have nothing to wear. Didn’t have money to go buy something so, I attempted to make something out of fabric I had bought a couple of years ago. It came out pretty good! But my zipper broke and I still cannot sew in a straight line (go figure) I have a lot of or acting to do. The fit was great and the bodice came out good I just need to practice with darts and buying more materials I need. 
This was the “drafting” pieces, I had changed the top to sweetheart neckline because when I tried on the original bodice it looked a little matronly. The skirt is a circle skirt which I attached to the bodice. Oh I also made my own bodice pattern by taking some wrapping paper and tracing from my cleavage to the top of my breast to my side. It was quite easy but sewing it well that was another story…..

My A-line skirt  in the making 


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