Thrifted Jacket


 So happy finals are almost over and I get to go on my New Orleans trip in less than a week! It will be nice to have a getaway after stressing so much this semester. I am sooooo excited! I’m definitely going to post my trip when I come back, I will take lots of pics! Now on to this jacket I got from the goodwill for $10!! 10 YES! Now I don’t go thrifting that much, I always feel you can find better things in the thrift stores in bigger cities. So usually I’m like “No I am going to wait until I’m in NY or Philly to go to one, maybe i will find a designer piece for cheap”. On this occasion I went to a local goodwill to find a slip/nighttie. I always wanted a slip dress and a youtube video inspired me to diy with a bedtime slip. I was going to “tweak” it so it doesn’t look so bedroom-ish and I could wear it day to day. Being unsuccessful for what I was looking for I circled around the store one more time before leaving and spotted something sparkly. I immediately go take a look at it and here it was a beautiful beaded/sequin jacket (circa 1980s because of those damn shoulder pads) originally from Lord and Taylor. I went to go pay for it and everyone was like “that jacket is beautiful!” I’m like “yeah that’s why I snatched it up right away!” I wore it for my nephew’s banquet today (well yesterday since I am doing this so late) and it is definitely packed in my bag for New Orleans.

Thrifted Jacket Target tee New York & Company leggings forgot brand of my boots (haha) Coach purse necklace from a friend


I didn’t want to get too dressy but for a night time look definitely throw some heels on. Can even wear it with a dress ( a slip one too : ) ), feather skirt, leather pants, some jeans,a ruffle blouse underneath. Speaking of a feather skirt I want to make one (even though I always wanted to) especially since seeing Blair Eadie (atlantic-pacific blog) wearing a multicolored one from J.Crew. Let me tell you I was hating because I want that skirt so bad!!!!!!!!! Since I am a student and poor but has some sewing skills I shall make one. Oh and now I will go to thrift stores more often. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! 



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