DIY Fashion

So you know how I want to be a fashion designer?! Well I made a dress and have a skirt in the making. I made the dress first and the idea came from having an event to go to and have nothing to wear. Didn’t have money to go buy something so, I attempted to make something out of fabric I had bought a couple of years ago. It came out pretty good! But my zipper broke and I still cannot sew in a straight line (go figure) I have a lot of or acting to do. The fit was great and the bodice came out good I just need to practice with darts and buying more materials I need. 
This was the “drafting” pieces, I had changed the top to sweetheart neckline because when I tried on the original bodice it looked a little matronly. The skirt is a circle skirt which I attached to the bodice. Oh I also made my own bodice pattern by taking some wrapping paper and tracing from my cleavage to the top of my breast to my side. It was quite easy but sewing it well that was another story…..

My A-line skirt  in the making 


2015 Christmas 

We were very fortunate that my little cousin’s mom had a luncheon at her place for Christmas. We cooked, but secretly I wanted something else to eat plus who is going to turn down free food?! To her place we went and we had a merry time. My family, plus her’s and her godfather’s family  was just enough people to have a good gathering.  

 (Me, my niece, my little cousin, my nephew, my mom and my big cousin)

Aren’t family photos the best??! 

Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

Express leopard headband, ny&co shirt, j.crew necklace, random skirt, forever21 faux fur vest, Nine West heels, Dooney and Bourke purse 
I swear I stay doing this pose!

New Orleans

The crew and I HAD A WONDERFUL TIME IN NEW ORLEANS. The food was excellent, the people were friendly and the streets were lively! It reminded me how New York is but, with a French twist and it’s location is in the south. The weather was awesome as well I regretted the jackets I bought and my heels that I never wore. New Orleans is definitely not heel friendly town, so ladies leave the heels and even the very nice dresses back home you won’t need them. Bourbon street was so fun and we meet quite a few characters which is always interesting. We did so much tourism and eating we want to come back down eventually especially for Mardi Gras. The architecture was beautiful!!! Very “frenchie”, you really get the feel of the French culture down there.  Also the city is rich in history of jazz music. You have musicians on the streets playing, it is really fascinating to watch them. Go to Frenchmen street where there is always live music playing, which I forgot to go and is very upset. Next time I will remember to go to that street. I also did not go visit Marie Laveau grave which was one of the things I really wanted to see. If you are into spooky things you would love the haunted places and voodoo of New Orleans. Known as the most haunted city in America, it supposedly has a lot of “hot spots” and tragic history which leads to their title.

French Quarter Pictures


Marie Laveau House of Voodoo  
St. Louis Cathedral     

 Garden District    


Mardi Gras World    

Fluff took me and my friend Christina’s picture (fluff is like my boyfriend)

At Revoir, until next time New Orleans.

Leopard and Stripes

To all my big chested girls…do you have trouble finding that perfect shirt that fits you and your breast???? Well I HAVE that problem A LOT. It would be nice to find a good fitting shirt for once.

Old Navy striped shirt Forever21 faux fur vest H&M leopard leggings Express pointy bow flats Coach leopard purse Urban Outfitters glasses

I miss wearing heels, I think I am going to make an effort to wear them more (random thought). Leopard is life it goes with everything i swear! I think next time I will wear leopard with something floral??? Good idea huh?


Thrifted Jacket


 So happy finals are almost over and I get to go on my New Orleans trip in less than a week! It will be nice to have a getaway after stressing so much this semester. I am sooooo excited! I’m definitely going to post my trip when I come back, I will take lots of pics! Now on to this jacket I got from the goodwill for $10!! 10 YES! Now I don’t go thrifting that much, I always feel you can find better things in the thrift stores in bigger cities. So usually I’m like “No I am going to wait until I’m in NY or Philly to go to one, maybe i will find a designer piece for cheap”. On this occasion I went to a local goodwill to find a slip/nighttie. I always wanted a slip dress and a youtube video inspired me to diy with a bedtime slip. I was going to “tweak” it so it doesn’t look so bedroom-ish and I could wear it day to day. Being unsuccessful for what I was looking for I circled around the store one more time before leaving and spotted something sparkly. I immediately go take a look at it and here it was a beautiful beaded/sequin jacket (circa 1980s because of those damn shoulder pads) originally from Lord and Taylor. I went to go pay for it and everyone was like “that jacket is beautiful!” I’m like “yeah that’s why I snatched it up right away!” I wore it for my nephew’s banquet today (well yesterday since I am doing this so late) and it is definitely packed in my bag for New Orleans.

Thrifted Jacket Target tee New York & Company leggings forgot brand of my boots (haha) Coach purse necklace from a friend


I didn’t want to get too dressy but for a night time look definitely throw some heels on. Can even wear it with a dress ( a slip one too : ) ), feather skirt, leather pants, some jeans,a ruffle blouse underneath. Speaking of a feather skirt I want to make one (even though I always wanted to) especially since seeing Blair Eadie (atlantic-pacific blog) wearing a multicolored one from J.Crew. Let me tell you I was hating because I want that skirt so bad!!!!!!!!! Since I am a student and poor but has some sewing skills I shall make one. Oh and now I will go to thrift stores more often. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving!