Fringe Drama

Drama baby bring the drama!!! This vest was life when I bought it yesterday from H&M FOR $10!!!!!!! Can you believe that? It was originally $34.99 and now it is on clearance. I have been finding a lot of good deals lately, $10 velvet skirt from Forever21, patchwork faux fur coat from Tiger Mist, got a discount on a dress and sweater from Express. Shopping doesn’t have to be expensive, you go on a sale day or have coupons you won’t spend so much.  I love the movement of the fringe and how it brings “drama” to an outfit. It is definitely a showstopper, I had compliments on it today.

H&M fringe vest and glasses New York and Company outlet shirt dress New York and Company floppy hat and sandals Coach crocodile embossed purse Icing necklace MAC Cyber lipstick

In Pennsylvania we have been getting really good fall weather like between 50-67 degrees. I love that you can wear anything type of weather.  Since I need to up my shoe collection, I had to wear what I have which was these sandals.  Oh and I had a big slap in my face in my life recently which was my grandfather passing. He went after my birthday like so many days after. In remembrance I am going to put up a picture that we took not too long ago I miss him so much. 

That’s my sister on the right

RIP Marvin Harris 


2 thoughts on “Fringe Drama

    • Thank u so much!!!! It is rough : ( all you can do is think of the good times im sorry about your grandfather too they are better off you know?

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