Another Year Older, Another year Wiser 

Today was an emotional wreck… is my birthday and I was a wreck. Maybe my PMSing is getting to me or maybe I am just tired of what is going on in my life. It had to take to me to get frustrated that nothing was going my way on my birthday, to realize that I need to get my act together. I turned 24 and I am not getting younger but older. It is time that I take more control of my life and choices, I am basically in my mid 20s. Six more years i will be 30….doesn’t sound too close but before you know it I will be 30. Wow!! I’m sitting here thinking about that and amazed how far I have come and how much of an adult I do not feel like. Anyway I am another year older and I do feel wiser, things I went through as 23 year old I would not do or experience again. 

Express scarf and skirt New York and Company shirt and shoes and do not ask why my shirt looks like that (haha) coach purse

I really liked my outfit today, felt age appropriate and trendy at the same time. I had a problem with that skirt though, wish I would of went down a size. Great fit but I definitely had extra room in there, why didn’t I try on the medium?!

I didn’t do much today but…..bitch. I will be brutally honest I did, supposedly there are things planned for me for the weekend. We shall see : ).

Whoops almost fell over : D



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