Outfit Idea: Re-Inventing a Look

You know what outfit I am SOOOOOO TIRED OF SEEING IT MAKES ME SICK?! The whole quilted vest with the plaid shirt and the jeans paired with the knee high boots.  NO MORE! I have seen that outfit so much on my pinterest and other blogs that I want to band that outfit. It is like that is everyone’s favorite thing to wear once it starts to get cold. I like the outfit personally but, to me there’s no individualism when it comes to it because everyone wears it the same way! That also goes for a lot of outfits out here like that but on this post today I am going to show ways to make the look different, courtesy  of my polyvore account: ).

Dress it up!!!


Change the outfit from casual to dressy! Add brooches for some sophistication.

Wear a plaid dress instead of a shirt 

Still like the plaid look? Exchange the shirt for a dress and instead of regular riding boots, use lace up boots for a more sexy look. 
Mix Prints  
Mix it up with different prints! Makes the outfits more interesting. Add velvet flats and a colorful scarf for extra detail. 

There is many ways to style an outfit or an item. Remember being different makes you stand out and people will notice your fashion more


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