Hair with your Ensembles 

I am really enjoying the new hair color, appropiate for the season since it is not as bright has my previous hair. It goes with a lot in my closet so that is a good thing. Did you ever realize when you dye your hair, you want to make sure it matches a lot of your clothes so you look right when you get dressed? When you get dressed your hair has to be on point as well, because your hair or makeup or whatever can ruin your look. Personally that is how i feel, got to have the right hair/hairstyle for the right outfit. So the outfit I have on I went casual kind of grunge-ish I guess. Either way my hair went well, the colors of the ensemble and the style of the outfit.

Plaid shirt Guess, T-shirt dress New York & Co, sneakers Target, purse Coach, necklace from friend

This is the last time I am wearing this dress it is getting too short, but it is very comfortable. If any of you live near a NY&Co outlet this dress is $9, I don’t know if it is cheaper now but that is the price I bought it at (super steal).

Oh and today is the first day of fall. I was at Starbucks and I told the girl I liked their plaid flannel shirts. She said they had to wear them since it is the start of Autumn. I actually took the idea and put it with my outfit.

I straighten my hair yesterday and I couldn’t believe how long it got! Now you can’t tell because my hair puffed up something terrible.


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