Dying Hair Blue

Hey everyone!!!! I rencently dyed my hair which was extremely random because I was not thinking about it at all until I woke up from a nap. As soon as I woke up I thought “I’m going to dye my hair blue since there is so much dye left!” Random right???? This post today is going to be how I did my hair and also how you can do it a better way, now I am not a professional but from what I know, learned and experienced I can give you an insight. I used the dye that I used for my extensions I wore months ago which was Manic Panic atomic turquoise and rockabilly blue.

Now as you can see, my hair was already blonde which I had dyed my hair with one of those “black” hair dyes in golden blonde. Yesterday when I dyed my hair the color went on great, with the turquoise in the front and blue in the back. Sadly the front looks green and that is because the dye has yellow undertones. You will have to use a toner to get that yellow out, to be honest you really should just bleach your hair then go from there instead of using box dye.  Now what toner to use I am not sure, ask someone who works at a hair store and if you have dark hair go to a professional. I have seen dark haired girls dye their own hair but and have a success…if you want to take that risk you can. If my hair was lighter too my hair would of came out more vibrant like how my extensions looked. You would have to dye your hair platinum blonde to get that effect and that is what color my extensions came in.  I hope I was able to help anyone who has been wanting to dye their hair but do not know which way to go : ).


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