In the Last Few Weeks of Summer

I have been lazy!!!! I meant to update my blog and never did! A lot has been going on good and bad……. but the bad is not my situation it is what someone else is going through. I pray for both families that they heal because what has happened was unfortunate to both parties. Anyway because I cannot stand depressing things, I have had a good few weeks, I’m going to recap for you all : ).

My Grandpop’s Birthday party

He really turned 71

Me and my dad


Different pictures of family : ) the lady in this last pic is my grandpop’s aunt she is 86 I think and walks around very well and is healthy. Hope I’m like that

Outfit of the day (which was like a week ago)

Ny&Co tee Express skirt shoes from Ross Forever21 flower crown Icing necklace Coach purse

Launch for a Jewelry Collection

Me and Ms. Christina who has re-launched her line

One of my besties and I

 My new shoes : )

One of my best friends cousin’s was re-launching her jewelry business again.

My Trip to Pittsburgh to Visit one of my Besties


Amy winehouse vinyl record at Urban Outfitters (that is love right there)
 My bestie’s kids

While I was there we went to a vintage decorated bowling alley. We were really amazed because it was really pretty and different! We had fun that night! We also did alot of other things…before I got sick the last two days of my stay.

I have enjoyed my few weeks!!!! I am back in school but that doesn’t mean my summer is over : ), I still have a lot to do.


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