Fun Facts about Me

Bloggers that I come by I always want to know more about them….where are they from, what do they like to do, what is their favorite color, etc. I don’t know what it is, I’m not nosey I just like to get to know people. Now I am going to do give my readers an inside on my life and who I am personally.

1. I am 5″2 ( i think) and wear a size 10 in sneakers and 9-9.5 in heels

2. My favorite color is blue but i love colors in general…never liked black but now I do

3. I get asked if I’m mixed a lot….no I am Black or African American but down the line my ancestry is made of French, Pennsylvanian Dutch, Native American and whatever else.

4.I LOVE FOOD….why I cannot lose weight. Sweets and pizza are my weakness

5. I am a true Libra….everything about a libra is me to a T

6. I am actually somewhat of a shy person and was nervous about doing this blog at first

7. I am an artsy person, I always loved to draw and paint, fashion, or basically anything that ppl consider art

8. I use to love to write I was in a special writing class in school because I wrote so well

9. I was a spelling bee champ!!! First place at my school, fourth place in the whole school district (and i was the only girl and black child), and after that i didn’t go further

10. I hate ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayo and other things people mainly like

11. I prefer colder seasons I cannot function when it is hot

12. I listen to all types of music and I am a big Amy Winehouse fan

13. I got best dressed in middle school I didn’t in high school (my senior year) because i just didn’t care about dressing (well from time to time to time i did) all i wanted to do was graduate

14. I was on prom court

15. I am very easy to get along with and been told that I am like the friendliest person. Very bubbly personality too (until I get angry) and I like having friends of all kinds

16. I have a car I named putt putt

17. Clean/neat freak

18. First impression is everything to me

19. I’ve been told that I walk like a penguin…which I do

20. Even though I was always into fashion, I did not know what to do with my life until a few years ago while watching the show “Single Ladies” which made me want a career in fashion

21. I consider myself a feminist but I do not bash men nor hate them

22. I am a deep thinker and like long intellectual conversations, also talk about society problems which I would love to help change

23. I am scared of heights

24. The mall is my happy place

25. I love nicely decorated homes

26. I get bored with my hair easily and switch it up a lot. My next hair color is pink : )

27. I do not play when it comes to men and their games haha my friends always ask how I get over break-ups so easily and how I don’t take men’s bs

28. My name is pronounced uh-brill-ya…my mom got the abril part from a soap opera and her and my sister came up with the rest

29. I have two siblings: my sister is ten years older than me my brother is ten years you have than me. My sister is from my mom and my brother is from my dad. My cousin I grew up with is like my brother and I have a niece and nephew that are 10 and 11 years younger than me

30. I love the thrill of being scared so I like scary movies and haunted attractions or places. Oh and roller coaster do not give me that same effect because i basically hate them (well the real scary ones).

31. I had braces

32. Love animals especially dogs

33. I am a very open-minded person

34. I am somewhat of a hippie and wish I was born earlier so I could have went to Woodstock

35. I am extremely silly and has a good sense of humor

Now you know more about me : ).


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