Cultural Fest

So many things that goes on in the city that I never hear about or I forget. Friday I made sure I went to one of the events which was the cultural fest that is held downtown every year. I am not sure why they call it that when you don’t see a lot of cultural things at the fest but whatever (Harrisburg is very diverse though). I put on my festive caftan to wear since it sounds great to wear to an event like this and I was tired of trying on 50 different outfits.

Old Navy caftan, Aldo sandals, Coach purse

I wish I would of took a closer picture of my face, I did my eyebrows, put on some blue eyeliner (Mary Kay) and nude lipstick (Estee Lauder).

I had fun and ate too but me and my friend (aka fluff) left and took a walk through downtown and midtown. We found alot of bars, restaurants and even found out they have free outdoor movies from time to time. We are going to see Ferris Bueller on the 28th : ).


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