For the Rest of the Summer

I’m really excited abour how the rest of the summer is going to be. My family is suppose to take a road trip to Myrtle Beach and Atlanta in like two weeks. We are going to New York next week to visit schools and to hang out (cant wait to eat $1 pizza). Then I have to squeeze in going to Pittsburgh and Baltimore to see friends, Dorney Park, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, trip to the zoo in DC and whatever else. That is alot to fit in before going back to class which I think starts August 24th. I didn’t even sign up for classes yet! I have to do that, some important crap and plan my trip for my birthday, which is going to New Orleans. I can’t wait to eat some cajun food!

H&M top Express skirt New York & Company shoes Icing necklace Kate Spade purse

Oh I got my hair did, took the lady like 2-2 1/2 hours. I am so thankful that it is done because I was on the verge of chopping my hair off.

I swear I love this H&M top, it’s cute, comfy, stylish, and only cost $12. That was all. Yup. I actually have one of  those pretty full pleated skirts in an orange color to go with it….but for some reason that skirt makes me look heavier. So I have to find a solution for that problem before wearing that skirt. I got it from Express, it also comes in other colors which I think I might go get another one…even though it makes me look bigger. Back to the top, I love color mixing. The orange necklace  and the bright pink purse brings out the blue in the shirt. Cobalt blue always looks pretty when mixed with bright colors. Instead of just having all dark hues, bright and dark ones together bring each other out in some type of way. In another post I said that my summer wardrobe consist of alot of this color blue, I really want to bring that into my fall wardrobe with a coat this color : ).


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