Lack of Sleep

I am so EXHAUSTED from my NY trip. I really haven’t got much sleep, we have been running here and there and visiting my sick grandfather. I’m kind of irritated with the lack of sleep but I manged to get dressed today.

Target jumpsuit, New York and Co wedges, Coach purse, my sister’s necklace



New York, New York

I have had so much fun the last past two days!!!!! I tell you New York is definitely a special and wonderful place. All the different people, cultures, lights, history…it is an amazing city. I have been to New York many times before but the last few times coming I really enjoyed my stay. My whole purpose of going there was to visit schools and talk to an advisor to see what classes i should take. The schools I was visitingwas no other than Parsons The New School and Fashion Institute of Technology. Sadly I did not get to go to FIT (long story) but Parsons was great!!!! I cannot wait to apply! So packing for this trip was easy, I stuck to comfortable basic clothes but that can be easily styled. Plus I knew we were going to do alot of walking, I was not trying to wear heels nor something that was not moveable so a t-shirt dress and a maxi dress was perfect. I got a new purse as well from the Coach outlet in Hershey, I love leopard so I had to get this small number. Walking arounf NY all day you would not want a big heavy purse.

 New York and Company outlet T-Shirt dress, J. Crew factory necklace, shoes from Ross and coach purse
First outfit up close

 My family and I got on a ferry to see Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, Brooklyn and Washington (I think) bridge and I think ground zero….I forgot haha. We were suppose to walk the Brooklyn bridge and go to a rooftop bar *sigh*, I have to go with my friends next time to NY.

 Of course Mylove( my neice) makes a funny face.

 Us on the subway

 A nice drink at Dave and Buster’s

 Times Square


I finally got to ride the ferris wheel in the Toys R Us in Times Square. I WAS SUPER HAPPY TO GET THE MY LITTLE PONY GANDOLA ON THE FERRIS WHEEL. You guys just don’t know.. I LOVED my little pony when I was a kid, I use to beg my parents to buy me a toy. Guess where I got a my little pony toy from???? I was 4 years old at the pool and they had a bucket full of toys……. Trust me I am not a thief I just wanted that my little pony toy bad.


Day 2!!!

We are leaving the hotel!!! I really liked this outfit because it has like an “exotic” (i love that word) vibe to it. The wooden beads on the dress, the turban and the leopard purse, gives “life” to an all black dress. Some espadrilles would of been nice but of course that would of been uncomfortable.

Coney Island (took us forever to get to)


No more pics!!!!! *laughing*

On the beach

   Basically my neice and nephew’s first time to the beach. My nephew got to taste salt water, which I swear he wanted to taste. We are suppose to go to Myrtle beach and Atlanta next so, the kids are excited to go to another beach.

Wall art in the subway, I seen alot of beautiful mosaic pictures.

For the Rest of the Summer

I’m really excited abour how the rest of the summer is going to be. My family is suppose to take a road trip to Myrtle Beach and Atlanta in like two weeks. We are going to New York next week to visit schools and to hang out (cant wait to eat $1 pizza). Then I have to squeeze in going to Pittsburgh and Baltimore to see friends, Dorney Park, Rhode Island, Philadelphia, trip to the zoo in DC and whatever else. That is alot to fit in before going back to class which I think starts August 24th. I didn’t even sign up for classes yet! I have to do that, some important crap and plan my trip for my birthday, which is going to New Orleans. I can’t wait to eat some cajun food!

H&M top Express skirt New York & Company shoes Icing necklace Kate Spade purse

Oh I got my hair did, took the lady like 2-2 1/2 hours. I am so thankful that it is done because I was on the verge of chopping my hair off.

I swear I love this H&M top, it’s cute, comfy, stylish, and only cost $12. That was all. Yup. I actually have one of  those pretty full pleated skirts in an orange color to go with it….but for some reason that skirt makes me look heavier. So I have to find a solution for that problem before wearing that skirt. I got it from Express, it also comes in other colors which I think I might go get another one…even though it makes me look bigger. Back to the top, I love color mixing. The orange necklace  and the bright pink purse brings out the blue in the shirt. Cobalt blue always looks pretty when mixed with bright colors. Instead of just having all dark hues, bright and dark ones together bring each other out in some type of way. In another post I said that my summer wardrobe consist of alot of this color blue, I really want to bring that into my fall wardrobe with a coat this color : ).