In Allentown

I was stuck in Allentown today, do not ask why. I just always so happen to be in a mission, never for myself but for someone else. For those who never been to Allentown, that is where Dorney Park is located. I like Allentown, it is somewhat of a big city(last time I checked their pop. was in the hundred-thousands) but with a small-town feel. Some parts of the city looked stuck in time. Houses and buildings that have looked the same for years, long-time abandoned buildings that would give you nostalgia of a time before. It was nice being stuck up there for like five hours, wish I could of went to their mall.

New York and Co. Outlet Top
Express skirt
Random shoes
New York and Co. bracelet

Oh the top I have on, I really love the embellishments. I’ve been eyeing this shirt for some time, waiting for it to go down in price. I got it for twelve dollars : ).  I kept it with other silver pieces (or whatever) to give it a more “unified” look. I really don’t like mixing silver and gold together. Pants and some heels would of looked nice with the tunic too. I noticed cobalt blue is a big color for me this season with much of of my pieces being this color. I really love coblat blue, it is a very pretty color. Orange, yellow and green pair perfect with it.


2 thoughts on “In Allentown

  1. Hey Bryll! Glad you liked your visit to Allentown! I always hear about it on the news or weather channel but didn’t know much about it! You look great. Loves the shirt Always a good fit whenever I come here! I always wonder who takes your pics behind the camera! Lol nosey me. Hopefully I’ll see you soon. God bless and keep up the posting

    • HEY CRISSY!!!!! Yea I’ve been to Allentown like here and there it’s a nice city! And i got this shirt on sale for $12 at ny&co outlet I was super happy LOL anf my fam always takes my pics but hates to!!!! HAHA they always complain Im going to get a good camera and a tripod soon! When you come back from VA and i come back from vacay i will def come see u and stay 2 weeks! Love you bestie!

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