Three Looks

Before I go into this post I just want to say how a good day it has been. I woke up to some blessings, went to see my grandfather who is sick with cancer and I went shopping! Oh I also had a cinnamon bun from Cinnabon and a sub from a local spot. It really was a great day for me, being stuck in the house for a few days (car issues) made me go crazy so today was a relief. What really put a smile on my face was, when my grandpop was happy that I got him a giftcard for a local gas station. He said he can get his coffee and lottery tickets now : ), that felt really good that I gave him something that made him happy.

Anyway, I wanted to show what I’ve been wearing here and there. Outfits that didn’t get on my blog but I thought was cute, including the one from today. I don’t know some outfits I’m like “wow that was cute I should of posted that.” So here are the outfits:

Old navy dress forever21 necklace coach purse target shoes

Target shirt forever21 skirt jean jacket turned into a vest icing necklace coach purse random shoes

Forever21 scarf and earrings body central top express skirt bcbg shoes coach purse torrid bangles

The outfit I wore today was cute and simple which I do not mind from time to time. Sometimes you want to dress up but not overdue it and this outfit was perfect for that. Plain dress but with a necklace to bring it out, the teal hues really set off the orange. The middle outfit I was experimenting. I picked the olive toned shirt since my white tee was dirty, but it gives the leopard skirt a jungle type of feel (that’s how I look at it). I wore the coral necklace to add a pop of a vibrant color and the jean jacket was a third piece to the outfit. Sometimes you need a third piece to bring the outfit out. The last oufit was like a sexy simple with the tribal scarf and crop top reminding me of an outfit you would wear on the beach…… It has a tropical vibe a little.


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