Rose Romper

Humid day today…I’ve actually been liking the dry heat that we have had. Just heat is ok for me but hot and humid, you really start to sweat. My family and I were in the city waiting on my sister to get out of an appointment so I went for a walk on the riverfront. My neice and cousin came with me to kill some time, it was a nice walk. The riverfront is a nice view, flowers and trees overlooking the Susquehanna river.

Romper h&m

Dooney & Bourke purse

Target sandals

Necklace was my grandma’s : )

MAC ruby woo lipstick

I bought this romper yesterday out of H&M. To me it has like a country floral type of feel to it. That’s what attracted me to it because I like country floral things….I don’t know why. I think gingham print shoes or something what of went well with it to give it more of a pretty, vintage, country feel.

I do love how I have the red bag and lipstick to go with the romper though : ).   The pearl necklace takes the romper to the next level from being casual to dressy.


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