Fashion Portfolio

You know how I want a career in fashion right?? If you didn’t know now you do! It was an epiphany that came to me back in like 2011, why it took me so long to realize what I was made for I don’t know. Now I am a 23 year old (be 24 in Oct.) trying to go off to school. There are five schools I am looking to apply; Parson New School, Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, Philadelphia University, and Moore College of Art and Design. Parsons and FIT are my top choices since they are the best in the world. Located right in one of the fashion capitals, the city that never sleeps NYC. So to get ready to apply I’ve been building up my portfolios. Oh I am going into fashion design if I did not mention, but like I said any career in fashion would make me happy. Anyway I am going to share to everyone some of my sketches. Alot aren’t finished and I am an okay artist so they are decent.

Inspired by african prints and mixing them with florals

I love colors and mixing them together…..the skirt on the left is a tassel skirt.

Because I love sheer clothing I would definitely like to corporate that into my collections.

Asian inspired… See the coat and top of the dress is suppose to silk material while the bottom is suppose to be chiffon…you gotta imagine it. *chuckle*

Sheer and lace : D

Mixed prints and colors : ).

Now hopefully I finish these soon and you all can see the full collections to them : ).


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