Treasures From My Mom’s Closet

I LOVE my mom’s closet. I find so much inspiration from it, she always had great style. She has clothes from the 80s untill now, but alot of the pieces you are still able to wear! From Liz Claiborne dresses (Liz Clairborne back in the day WAS NICE) to jumpsuits, shift dresses my mom has it all. There is a dress I’ve been eyeing for awhile that she bough back in the early 00’s that I didn’t like at first but grew on me. I can say some of my style choices have changed over the years, which I am happy about( being more open-minded). The things I love most about the dress was the style and vibrant colors, it is a beautiful dress.

Random dress from mom’s closet

Nine west heels

Coach purse

Icing necklace

Morange lipstick by MAC

Ha! The wind was blowing my hair!

No lie I only like this picture because of my butt…..

The yellow really sets off the dress and the orange lipstick compliments the blue. Oh and that purse, my mom was like you can have it *tears of joy*. It is a yellow leather Coach purse and I was waiting for my mom to give it up. I love the color yellow it brings me alot of joy and boost my mood. I really want every color purse and the yellow bag is a great addition to my closet.

Maybe my mom will let me keep this dress…..


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