My Day 

It is 12:45 am and let me tell you I had one heck of a day.  You know alot of things eventually come to light…don’t think it won’t. So much came out tonight it is not even funny, I really learned alot about people today. When I say that that’s not a good thing either, I am just upset and shocked it even happened. People watch who you hang around with….besides that I went to another Mary Kay party for like the 100th time. I swear Mary Kay consultants are always so happy. Probably because they don’t have ro wake up every morning go to a job they hate and listen to a boss nag all day. I really have thought about being a Mary Kay consultant especially since they can dress up : ).

Express top
h&m skirt
aldo shoes
icing necklace
coach bag
Mix prints again!!! I’ve thought about pairing these two pieces together for a long time and never did. Glad I decided to wear this outfit today, I received alot of compliments.


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