In Allentown

I was stuck in Allentown today, do not ask why. I just always so happen to be in a mission, never for myself but for someone else. For those who never been to Allentown, that is where Dorney Park is located. I like Allentown, it is somewhat of a big city(last time I checked their pop. was in the hundred-thousands) but with a small-town feel. Some parts of the city looked stuck in time. Houses and buildings that have looked the same for years, long-time abandoned buildings that would give you nostalgia of a time before. It was nice being stuck up there for like five hours, wish I could of went to their mall.

New York and Co. Outlet Top
Express skirt
Random shoes
New York and Co. bracelet

Oh the top I have on, I really love the embellishments. I’ve been eyeing this shirt for some time, waiting for it to go down in price. I got it for twelve dollars : ).  I kept it with other silver pieces (or whatever) to give it a more “unified” look. I really don’t like mixing silver and gold together. Pants and some heels would of looked nice with the tunic too. I noticed cobalt blue is a big color for me this season with much of of my pieces being this color. I really love coblat blue, it is a very pretty color. Orange, yellow and green pair perfect with it.


Ombre Skirt

As you all can see, I like ombre. I wore blue ombre hair for like two months, which I really miss that hair. Today I have on an ombre maxi skirt, the minute I seen it my eyes lit up! Colors fascinate me especially when it is multiple colors at the same time. I don’t know what it is, I’ve been like that since I was child. I would just stare at my crayons and think how pretty they were and didn’t want to use them up because of that. I love color, that’s why my wardrobe looks like a rainbow! I barely have any black, white or gray clothing because I prefer color (reflects my personality too : )).

Target shirt, New York & Company skirt, Express clutch, old shoes and diy vest, icing necklace and claires flower victoria’s secret lipgloss OPI nail polish


Here is a close up on the clutch:

Summer Beauty Favorites

Though it is hot and humid outside I do like to keep myself pretty. I can say I don’t wear too much make-up in the summer because, I feel as though foundation and whatever else is too “heavy” to wear. Most if the time I keep it simple; do my eyebrows(sometimes), eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick/lipgloss. Maybe eyeshadow too and I also put corrector under my eyes. Here is my favorite make-up products for summer:

OPI A good mandarin is hard to find I love orange, I wasn’t too crazy about it at first but the color reminds me of flowers and fruits that you see during the season 

Maybelline great lash mascara you don’t have to spend alot of money on great mascara 

Nyx Illuminator for glowing skin, blends really well

Bobbi Brown corrector in deep peach (im actually a dark peach) but does the job VERY WELL
Now to my body and hair favorites!!!! 

Eden coconut curl defining creme for naturals…THIS WORKS it is best to wash your hair then use it my hair definitely stays curly!!!! It is a moisturizer too

Bath & Body Works Japanese cherry blossom lotion and body shimmer, for days I want to smell good and get a nice shimmery glow…i don’t think they sell this anymore

Shower to Shower powder Absorbs sweat and smells so pretty

These are my go to products for the summer! They work so well too, I would recommend them to people.

Beauty Wishlist

Too Faced melted lipstick in Violet I love violet colors, the vibrant purple is perfect (and sexy) for the summer. Sephora here I come!! 

Rose Romper

Humid day today…I’ve actually been liking the dry heat that we have had. Just heat is ok for me but hot and humid, you really start to sweat. My family and I were in the city waiting on my sister to get out of an appointment so I went for a walk on the riverfront. My neice and cousin came with me to kill some time, it was a nice walk. The riverfront is a nice view, flowers and trees overlooking the Susquehanna river.

Romper h&m

Dooney & Bourke purse

Target sandals

Necklace was my grandma’s : )

MAC ruby woo lipstick

I bought this romper yesterday out of H&M. To me it has like a country floral type of feel to it. That’s what attracted me to it because I like country floral things….I don’t know why. I think gingham print shoes or something what of went well with it to give it more of a pretty, vintage, country feel.

I do love how I have the red bag and lipstick to go with the romper though : ).   The pearl necklace takes the romper to the next level from being casual to dressy.

Three Looks

Before I go into this post I just want to say how a good day it has been. I woke up to some blessings, went to see my grandfather who is sick with cancer and I went shopping! Oh I also had a cinnamon bun from Cinnabon and a sub from a local spot. It really was a great day for me, being stuck in the house for a few days (car issues) made me go crazy so today was a relief. What really put a smile on my face was, when my grandpop was happy that I got him a giftcard for a local gas station. He said he can get his coffee and lottery tickets now : ), that felt really good that I gave him something that made him happy.

Anyway, I wanted to show what I’ve been wearing here and there. Outfits that didn’t get on my blog but I thought was cute, including the one from today. I don’t know some outfits I’m like “wow that was cute I should of posted that.” So here are the outfits:

Old navy dress forever21 necklace coach purse target shoes

Target shirt forever21 skirt jean jacket turned into a vest icing necklace coach purse random shoes

Forever21 scarf and earrings body central top express skirt bcbg shoes coach purse torrid bangles

The outfit I wore today was cute and simple which I do not mind from time to time. Sometimes you want to dress up but not overdue it and this outfit was perfect for that. Plain dress but with a necklace to bring it out, the teal hues really set off the orange. The middle outfit I was experimenting. I picked the olive toned shirt since my white tee was dirty, but it gives the leopard skirt a jungle type of feel (that’s how I look at it). I wore the coral necklace to add a pop of a vibrant color and the jean jacket was a third piece to the outfit. Sometimes you need a third piece to bring the outfit out. The last oufit was like a sexy simple with the tribal scarf and crop top reminding me of an outfit you would wear on the beach…… It has a tropical vibe a little.

Fashion Portfolio

You know how I want a career in fashion right?? If you didn’t know now you do! It was an epiphany that came to me back in like 2011, why it took me so long to realize what I was made for I don’t know. Now I am a 23 year old (be 24 in Oct.) trying to go off to school. There are five schools I am looking to apply; Parson New School, Fashion Institute of Technology, Pratt Institute, Philadelphia University, and Moore College of Art and Design. Parsons and FIT are my top choices since they are the best in the world. Located right in one of the fashion capitals, the city that never sleeps NYC. So to get ready to apply I’ve been building up my portfolios. Oh I am going into fashion design if I did not mention, but like I said any career in fashion would make me happy. Anyway I am going to share to everyone some of my sketches. Alot aren’t finished and I am an okay artist so they are decent.

Inspired by african prints and mixing them with florals

I love colors and mixing them together…..the skirt on the left is a tassel skirt.

Because I love sheer clothing I would definitely like to corporate that into my collections.

Asian inspired… See the coat and top of the dress is suppose to silk material while the bottom is suppose to be chiffon…you gotta imagine it. *chuckle*

Sheer and lace : D

Mixed prints and colors : ).

Now hopefully I finish these soon and you all can see the full collections to them : ).

Treasures From My Mom’s Closet

I LOVE my mom’s closet. I find so much inspiration from it, she always had great style. She has clothes from the 80s untill now, but alot of the pieces you are still able to wear! From Liz Claiborne dresses (Liz Clairborne back in the day WAS NICE) to jumpsuits, shift dresses my mom has it all. There is a dress I’ve been eyeing for awhile that she bough back in the early 00’s that I didn’t like at first but grew on me. I can say some of my style choices have changed over the years, which I am happy about( being more open-minded). The things I love most about the dress was the style and vibrant colors, it is a beautiful dress.

Random dress from mom’s closet

Nine west heels

Coach purse

Icing necklace

Morange lipstick by MAC

Ha! The wind was blowing my hair!

No lie I only like this picture because of my butt…..

The yellow really sets off the dress and the orange lipstick compliments the blue. Oh and that purse, my mom was like you can have it *tears of joy*. It is a yellow leather Coach purse and I was waiting for my mom to give it up. I love the color yellow it brings me alot of joy and boost my mood. I really want every color purse and the yellow bag is a great addition to my closet.

Maybe my mom will let me keep this dress…..