Gabe’s is a Come Up

I will never judge a store again. Let me tell you guys I was never really into cheap stuff. Always believed quality over quantity, you can call me materialistic but I believe into getting expensive things. Now I do have some clothes from forever 21and a couple of other places but not much. Before I continue I want to say I am not coming at anyone who doesnot mind buying cheaper products. That is your decision and your pocket so if that is what you prefer I respect that. Anyway Gabe’s was always a store that I turned my nose up from, but that all changed today. My dad and I went into Gabe’s today, he wanted some new shoes. Well I’m looking around and spot some sparkly shoes….I thought “OH…..who are these made by?!?!?!” I looked at them and surprisingly they were Nine West (but I seen Steve Madden shoes but they didn’t look real……) so I was skeptical about if they real or not. At the same time though I didn’t care because they were so cute, my size, and were on $15. I went right over to my dad smiling he was like “what’s wrong?” Of course I am spoiled and asked if he could buy them and…he did!!!! Gabe’s I swear your a come up.

The top view

Shirt-new york and company


Purse-kate spade

I also love these shoes because they are similar to a pair I seen at ASOS that I wasn’t able to get.



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