Lifestyle Choices

I am never ashamed to talk about my weight. I realized that it is what it is, somewhat chubby and I need to lose weight. It hit me when I went to look in my closet and seen alot of clothes I cannot fit. Sad situation but I knew it was time for a change. I was on a liquid diet for a week and exercised as much as I could. I did pretty good and lost a few pounds but, I will admit i ate a little from time to time. I am about to get back on it it though I want at least thirty lbs off by June (you do lose 20 lbs in a week if you do it right, so I might get more off than that).

I was in Lancaster (nearby city) to go see my grandfather who is ill (cancer throughout his whole body but he still gets up to walk around wants to drive too). Before I stopped by his house I went to the mall to go to H&M. I wanted to buy a dress since I really can’t fit anything in my closet. If I do have anything I have nothing to match with it which very soon I will make a post on basics with for a wardrobe. Anyway I got a dress that was a steal for $15.

I paired it with an old Express necklace that I have, some torrid bangles, my Dooney and Bourke bag, target sunnies and some sandals.  This could also be used as a beach cover up paired with afloppy hat, embellished sandals, and a beach tote.



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