I like peasant blouses, they are feminine but are bohemian at the same time. The ruffles on the sleeves of my top make the shirt romantic-like and the print makes it vibrant.  I wanted a gypsy look so I paired it with a pair of soft shorts that had a tribal print at the bottom. The shorts are kind of hippie-ish too so it went perfect. You can also wear the top with a pencil or pleated skirt to make it a more modern type of look.

Top new york and company

Shorts and shoes target

Flower claire’s

Purse coach

Bangles torrid


I wanted to point out that these pretty flowers bloomed in my neighborhood…..I had to stop and take a pic. Oh and of course sniff them : )


When Your Camera Sucks

I really need to invest in a good camera…because cell phone photos suck. My post from yesterday I used my mom’s galaxy phone, which has better quality photos than iphone(shake my head). Today though the camera sucked. I am very disappointed in the camera today because my pictures did not come out all that. My outfit is cute though : ), you know I had to put that in.

Old Navy top

Target tee

ASOS skirt

NY&CO shoes

H&M necklace

F21 earrings

Coach wristlet

You guys remember that skirt I wore for V-day? This is the same skirt but in a pretty pastel hue.


I did a whole outfit today around pastels, lavender, light blue, mint green. A mixture of the three is always a pretty combination.

Gabe’s is a Come Up

I will never judge a store again. Let me tell you guys I was never really into cheap stuff. Always believed quality over quantity, you can call me materialistic but I believe into getting expensive things. Now I do have some clothes from forever 21and a couple of other places but not much. Before I continue I want to say I am not coming at anyone who doesnot mind buying cheaper products. That is your decision and your pocket so if that is what you prefer I respect that. Anyway Gabe’s was always a store that I turned my nose up from, but that all changed today. My dad and I went into Gabe’s today, he wanted some new shoes. Well I’m looking around and spot some sparkly shoes….I thought “OH…..who are these made by?!?!?!” I looked at them and surprisingly they were Nine West (but I seen Steve Madden shoes but they didn’t look real……) so I was skeptical about if they real or not. At the same time though I didn’t care because they were so cute, my size, and were on $15. I went right over to my dad smiling he was like “what’s wrong?” Of course I am spoiled and asked if he could buy them and…he did!!!! Gabe’s I swear your a come up.

The top view

Shirt-new york and company


Purse-kate spade

I also love these shoes because they are similar to a pair I seen at ASOS that I wasn’t able to get.


Lifestyle Choices

I am never ashamed to talk about my weight. I realized that it is what it is, somewhat chubby and I need to lose weight. It hit me when I went to look in my closet and seen alot of clothes I cannot fit. Sad situation but I knew it was time for a change. I was on a liquid diet for a week and exercised as much as I could. I did pretty good and lost a few pounds but, I will admit i ate a little from time to time. I am about to get back on it it though I want at least thirty lbs off by June (you do lose 20 lbs in a week if you do it right, so I might get more off than that).

I was in Lancaster (nearby city) to go see my grandfather who is ill (cancer throughout his whole body but he still gets up to walk around wants to drive too). Before I stopped by his house I went to the mall to go to H&M. I wanted to buy a dress since I really can’t fit anything in my closet. If I do have anything I have nothing to match with it which very soon I will make a post on basics with for a wardrobe. Anyway I got a dress that was a steal for $15.

I paired it with an old Express necklace that I have, some torrid bangles, my Dooney and Bourke bag, target sunnies and some sandals.  This could also be used as a beach cover up paired with afloppy hat, embellished sandals, and a beach tote.