Colorful Dress

I am so grateful that I woke up to a beautiful day. The weather is great, the sun is shining, went to church, I couldn’t be happier.

Dress Express

Flower crown Forever21

Bag Kate Spade

Shoes…I forget

Sweater New York & Co

The dress I have on is kind of old but one of my favorites. The colors and print are perfect for spring and the dress itself is girly. Which is why it was meant for me since I am really girly and love colors. I usually wear this dress when I have to be somewhere dressed up, it’s like that go-to dress. The colors I have as accessories are colors that are on the dress. That and plus my blue hair made me look like a rainbow again…but that’s ok.




Spring and summer season is all about colors, which is what I love. Bright colors make me happy and I feel as though they reflect my personality since I am such a bubbly person. Today I wanted to be bright since it is so ugly out, the colors boost my mood.

Old navy t-shirt

J-crew necklace

New York and Company jacket, jeans and flats

Aldo clutch

My hair even adds color! I also love the stripes and floral prints together and the multiple colors. My outfit reminds me of a rainbow…



Happy Easter to all!!!! Hope your day was wonderful whether you went to church, went egg hunting or ate a peanut butter egg. See I was on a mission to find some but that search ended…..coconut is good too. I could go for one right about now.

Loft dress

Icing necklace

Random shoes and jacket from my mom’s closet

Coach purse

Random beret

Do you guys like my blue/mermaid hair???? I did it myself which was a pain in the behind…but well worth it. It is suppose to be three different blues (ombre) but, that the one blue was the same as one of the other blues….that is a long story.