Re-decorating the Bedroom

Besides fashion I love interior decorating. An interest I got off of my mom who I claim is a “black Martha Stewart”. It was always fun to me and just like fashion it expresses your tastes and who you are. Mixing colors and patterns can really turn a room into something special. I have been re-decorating my bedroom from Hello Kitty (yes 20 something with a hk bedroom) to an adult appropiate room. I wanted a change, my room has been hello kitty since I was 12 sooooooo I definitely needed something new.  Because I’m girly I wanted to show that so I chose a feminine comforter  with ruffles. I hopped on my computer and found a really nice gray one. Gray is definitely not a favorite color of mine but, I wanted to make it work and it did look nice on the comforter I found. I sat and thought what other colors i wanted to match with it….no pinks or purples because my room was that color last time. Then I thought about my favorite color blue! Then I changed it a little bit to a teal…I LOVE TEAL I swear it is a perfect hue, well I like teals that have more of a blue tint. Then I added gold into the mix because I knew I was going to get silver pillows for my gray comforter. I don’t like silver either I prefer gold but why not have them both?! This is my bedroom I have put together…welll what I have together so far.


Sorry for the poor pics my phone’s camera sucks, I really need to invest in a good camera. Oh and if you see hello kitty sheets or something…I didn’t get a chance to get a new sheet set.

My theme is like a glam,romantic type of feel. The glitter and crystal accents, my beaded pillows and my pictures of old hollywood beauties(Dorothy Dandridge) give it that glamorous look. The ruffles are the girly, romantic accents. 




I still have lots to add, especially décor. I found a lamp and another picture to go on my wall…



 (Josephine Baker) 

Pier 1 have some accent candles that are teal and gold.


I want to put a nice, elegant, teal chair in my room but I have searched high and low for one. Let me tell you it is HARD to find teal decor that would go with the theme of my room. Gold and silver are easy but teal is a problem.  I will feel relieved when my room is completely finished. 


8 thoughts on “Re-decorating the Bedroom

  1. I really like your pillows and all the ruffles and ESPECIALLY the quote “never miss a chance to sparkle”. It definitely gives off a vintage theme!

  2. Your posts are gorgeous, I love your blog! I just followed you, it would be great if we can support each other 🙂 I am so glad I got to discover you ❤

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