Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!

Oh I had so much fun yesterday!!!! My boyfriend and I (I have a new one), had a nice dinner and some chocolate covered strawberries. It was nice and we really enjoyed ourselves. He was so excited the other day that, he gave me some of my presents early. Two gift cards to go shopping with, what girl would not want that?! Then he gave me a card and some flowers yesterday. I got him two nice shirts, one from J.Crew factory and another from Express. I also got him a pair of Express jeans, I smiled from ear to ear when I seen how much he liked them. He wore his J.Crew and jeans yesterday while i wore a big red puffy tulle skirt.

ASOS tulle skirt
Leotard for ballet class : )
New york and company choker necklace and coat
Aldo shoes
Coach purse
I was waiting to wear this skirt for the longest, and why not wear it on Vday? You cannot really see how much it puffs out since my coat is over it.









Hope you all had a good Valentine’s Day!


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