How I put my clothes Together

I live for fashion. My whole life revolves around it, growing up I loved to wear dresses and looking pretty. As
time went on, I have grown to love it and decided to turn it into a career. Pursuing fashion in school is a big dream of mine. These last past few weeks for me have been stressful, trying to send needed materials for acceptance by February 1st. Fashion Institute of Technology, one of the top fashion schools in America AND THE WORLD. If I’m so good at fashion why not go for one of the best schools for it???? Plus an old professor of mine use to say “why don’t you go to FIT?” And he would make this face and squint his eyes. The school is very selective so I am trying to make my portfolio and essay stand out so I can get in. I REALLY WANT TO GET INTO THIS SCHOOL, and let me tell you my last few years of school have been a pain. At 23 years old I am ready to finish and start a career….let’s hope and pray I get into FIT. Moving forward on my outfit of the day, I have been looking for a nice striped button up to throw into an outfit. At Old Navy I found one on sale for like $8 and it is a nice blue and white striped, which to me is classic. I love a good plaid, striped, gingham, polka dot or any print button up in that matter. It gives a twist on a good basic.

Old navy button up, loafers and leggings
Express scarf
Liz claiborne blazer
Claire’s glasses
Dooney & Bourke purse
People ask me alot how I put my clothes together…it is kind of hard to explain. You just have to have that eye for things like this. If I put an outfit together and theres multiple prints and colors, something about it will look right and pulled together. I don’t know all colors look good together. Depending on the colors and scale of a pattern, different patterns look well together also. See tan, black, gold and white in this outfit are colors that are like your “base” or basic colors. Now to add colors in it, my blue white stripe shirt with a tan blazer…they go great together. Top it off with a red print scarf. Red, blue, and tan look lovely together but the neutral tannish color in the scarf goes well with the blazer as well. Black in the scarf and black leggings then my earrings are gold and I throw in my gold loafers. Does that make sense? I just hope anyone who wants to dress like this got a hint on what I was trying to say. To be honest it you think a outfit looks right and so does someone else then your good!










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