Faux Fur Top

I like that faux fur doesn’t just come in vest and jackets…it comes in tops too!!! I immediately fell in love when I seen this in the store (but what don’t I fall in love with), imaging all of the outfits to wear it with. Oh and the cold weather???? Don’t have to worry about freezing my stomach and my ladies off because it is super warm. LIKE REALLY WARM. It is pretty thick and comfortable. I also thought this was a good basic type of top since it can go with alot, to minimalist this might be a good pick for you (Especially the white version of this). I had wore this top on new years with the same necklace, jeans, and some glittery heels.

H&M top and pants
New York and Co. Hat
Old navy shoes
J. Crew necklace
Dooney & Bourke purse





Here is a close up on my make-up and necklace. Sometimes I like to show what is on my face:
Make-up forever foundation
Bobbi brown corrector
Maybelline mascara
Estee lauder blush
Too face highlighter
MAC lipstick in Icon
Eyebrows estee lauder pencil


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