Church Flow

Target blazer and cami
Express skirt
American Apparel socks
Guess Shoes
Coach Purse
Icing Earrings
Forever21 headband

Went to church like a good girl today to praise the Lord. Haha no I needed to go, I haven’t been there in some weeks so I decided to go today. Last night I was contemplating on what to wear today, and remembered about these American Apparel socks. I have been wanting to wear them and didn’t know what to wear them with. See this is a problem I have because I have alot of clothes to mix and match with, accessories and everything . I have ther nerve to sit there and say “i don’t have anything to go with this” when I actually do. Sometimes it takes me awhile to think of things to put together. Well in the end I was still able to pull something off. My favorite thing about the outfit is the florals and the polka dots….of course I love different prints together.




Here is my last church flow outfit…



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