New York We Meet Again

I love to travel especially to one of my favorite cities, New York. Second year in a row to celebrate my birthday there and me and one of my besties really enjoyed ourselves. My biggest thing though was that there were so many people there that inspired me. Whether it was their fashion, hair, or makeup….I was in love. Everyone has individual style and are fearless with their appearance. That really is a fashionable city and they aren’t afraid to be themselves. I definitely tried to fit in and be fashionable with my new outfit (outfit i didn’t even get to wear my other one). I love the mixture of these darker hues of purple and yellow which is appropiate for fall. Also adding some texture with the fuzzy sweater, leopard flats added a little bit of print to the outfit.
Me and one of my besties Crissy




Wearing h&m skirt and fuzzy sweater
Old navy leopard flats
New york and company pearl necklace
Dooney and bourke purse



Lower Manhattan and a nifty bracelet ring combo from Forever21


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