End Of Summer

So you guys already know my favorite season is coming! I am over the top excited! I have already been “re-uping” on some new clothing for the upcoming season. Before I go on and talk about fall I wanna share some of my outfits that I’ve wore in the last couple of weeks. IMG_6473.JPG






I definitely was on my hippie ish the one day. I wanted to be comfortable but also dressed so I threw on some flower child clothing. The yellow sweatshirt I have on that says charlie….is amazing. I cannot wait to wear it again it with another outfit. I am a huge peanut gang fan and the front of it has Charlie Brown that I got from forever21. My last outfit I had got that skirt for fall season but wanted to wear it so bad I threw it on. I had some peanut butter colored heels on with it but I was full and tipsy from a cookout I toom them off. Here is a picture of them.

I will try to upload more summer outfit post before I store the summer clothes away. Hopefully everyone has had a good summer and has dressed well : ).


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