White Top Snakeskin Skirt

I tell you life is full of surprises…I have been working on my fashion portfolio for school, was trying to help out for a fashion show and got in a bad car accident. The last couple of days my back and shoulders were killing me…you should see the damage done to my car. Luckily it was not my fault haha. Anyway after walking around limping in pain for days I was able to wear heels today. I wore a fairly new shirt that I got from H&M, which I am happy that I brought because I don’t have a lot of solid color shirts nor alot of white. It has tribal detail with a sweetheart neckline (which I love) and a peplum type bottom. Paired with my snakeskin pencil skirt some really old sandals and my tribal necklace. It looks like I am going to a party near a beach or something, great night out outfit or out with the girls type of outfit. A tip to remember…if you did not know…wear flare tops with fitted bottoms. Also these help make you appear smaller and curvier for those who want that look.
Top- H&M
Shoes- i forget
Necklace- forever21
Purse Kate Spade










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