Harrisburg Fashion Show

So Harrisburg has a fashion week now? Which I am actually happy about because designers from the area can really show case their talent and some fashionistas can show their style. So this past Saturday I went uptown to the Zembo Shrine to see the fashion show. But sad to say only a handful of people came dressed to kill and some of the designers work could of been better. I’m not going to down someone else’s work, I just think some of them should of put more effort into their work and I think it would of came out better. The last collection though was phenomal!!! I can really say when I was watching those models come down the runway I felt like I was at NYFW. A designer from the islands flew here to show his collection and it was VERY NICE. I would really buy some of his pieces because he did one heck of a job on his clothes and if he is really pursuing designing he would make it. Anyways, I wore one of my best outfits that I never wore and I can say I looked really nice in the outfit.

Bralette top amd matching skirt- Express
T-strap sandals-Aldo


Maybe next year I can put a collection in the show…


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