Summer Style Goal

So for some odd reason I have been in a relaxed and earthy mood. Me and my best friend decided we wanted to be hippies and be more attached to our roots this summer. That means long skirts, kimonos, floral crowns, tribal prints and marley twists. This is going to be interesting…but we are definitely into it and want to try it out! I don’t know if it has been the weather but when I go outside I just want to appreciate nature! Smelling the fresh air and flowers makes you love life even more which is why I am in a bohemian phase since they were into peace and outdoors. Me wearing my hair natural makes me more proud of my roots and heritage, black women for a long time wanted their hair to be anything but afrowy. Wearing tribal prints and other fashion items related to the trend gives me a sense of being like where my ancestors come from so I am happy to do a little change for awhile. Plus I am always up to changing my style, recently I was looking into my closet and noticed I have a lot of florals. I love florals but I need new prints!!! I have plaids, stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, animal, and many other prints but it is mainly floral! So I would like to see more tribal prints in my wardrobe. Also when I was in Philly a couple of weeks ago I brought these really nice bohemian type shorts out of Urban Outfitters.

I don’t know whether to wear it with a flowy top with bell sleeves or this striped shirt I have with a crochet kimono. Also I bought this tribal print romper from Target aka Targét as I like to call it.

Hooefully I can corporate more pieces in my wardrobe like these to achieve my summer style goal.


2 thoughts on “Summer Style Goal

  1. I hope you achieve your goal! It sounds great – it’s always amazing to feel close to the earth and your roots again 🙂 ❤

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