$10 Dress

I love this dress, cute print, nice fit, love the neckline and it was $10 at Old Navy. SCORE!!! There was another dress I wanted to get that had a sweetheart neckline and wad made a little different but you cannot beat $10. I was in Philly once again this past weekend ( i have a couple of outfit photos)….very interesting weekend. I had got this dress and some really cute hippie looking shorts from Urban Outfitters. But today for my outfit I wanted to add a necklace to the dress to really make it standout. My necklace didn’t neccessarily match but to me it still went with the outfit.

My hair was blowing yesterday, I swear lately I haven’t been able to take good pics because of the wind.
Flower print Halter dress-Old Navy
Denim jacket-Wetseal
Necklace-j.Crew outlet
Purse-Kate Spade





Outfits from the weekend, FYI my friends are terrible picture takers:






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