Roaming Around in Philadelphia

Yesterday I was going to this fashion portfolio workshop at one of the colleges I would like to go to in Philadelphia. I was two hours late because me and my crew missed the exit we were suppose to get off of…I was highly upset but at least I got there. So after being there for just an hour we decided to walk around Philly for a bit. Oh and the weather was awesome yesterday!!!! *extremely happy smiley face* It felt like spring was trying to push winter out of the way and just pop up and surprise us! (Very weird explanation on the weather but you know what I mean). Of course I went out of town looking stylish and my afro was fierce.

Kimono rose jacket and black basic dress-Forever21
Combat boots-white mountain
Purse-Dooney and Bourke
Juicy couture bracelet
Target earrings





Outfit Ideas: Goth Chic

Lately i have been inspired by bowler hats and sunglasses, I think I seen BeyoncĂ© wear these to together. Yesterday I was driving and this outfit came randomly to my head. I don’t remember what I was thinking about for it to pop in my head but it did. It reminds me of gothic style mixed with a little bit of 90s fashion. I even know what hair and make-up I would wear with it(the look from two post ago including hair but with dark roots). Here is the outfit:







(Would want purse in black)<!

The velvet dress comes from American Apparel, the shoes are Ivanka Trump via, the choker is from, and the other items are just pictures which of course you can find them on a website. Before the warm weather hits I would like to be different for a little bit and dress on the “dark side”, as I like to call it.