On a Cold Day….

WOOOOWWW IT IS COLD TODAY!!! I tried to take a pictureI was soooo cold my teeth were even cold! Did you guys ever see that meme where this weather guy is like “now Gucci Mane with the weather” and you see Gucci saying “BUURRR”. THAT WAS ME(laughs and giggles). Anyway got this sweater on Friday. Forever21 was having a really good sale and I got this sweater for like $7 and this really pretty summer dress for $5. I like this sweater because it is a little baggy, but a cute baggy. I can throw it with leggings and whatever and look cute. I also like the color, I am not really into neon but something about this made me take it. This sweater also goes with alot that I already have which is good, I hate buying something and it doesnt go with anything in my closet.

Sweater and headband forever21, pleated skirt the limted, necklace new york and company, boots white mountain

Today was also complicated because I could not find good lighting! I was not gonna go check everywhere outside because it was too cold.






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